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Ann_from _Brooklyn

I don't think they're at risk of reducing service to five days, I think this is what the Post Office and other agencies do to make sure they get their share of money from the Feds. A little, "The sky is falling!" and they'll get their money as usual. Squeaky wheel, etc..


Careful Ann, if they think you know what they're up to you could get a surprise visit late at night ... ;)

The actual problem will abate somewhat now that the USPS raises rates annually.

Ann_from _Brooklyn

LOL Well, as long as they've got my movies when they visit they'll be safe. ;)


I hate to say this but raise the postage rate again.

I'll send emails instead of postcards, and I'll keep getting my netflix movies through the mail thank you very much.

Edward R Murrow

I think that companies that use USPS as a delivery mechanism for their product should be charged more than people who use USPS to pay their bills, send letters to friends, etc.

Similar to paying for an express toll road.

U Aint Working

Solution is easy, time to cut expenses. Cuts in the wage and benefit department will yield the largest result especially to the taxpayers.


Edward R Murrow evidently does not realize that hand-addressed mail requires additional processing (a certain percentage simply will not OCR). It would be fair to charge them a higher rate, much like trucks are charged more on toll roads (which tells you how much you're subsidizing them out of your gas taxes on free roads).


The post office simply needs to understand it's time to run like a BUSINESS instead of a Government Sponsored Entity. They can't claim they haven't seen the writing on the wall with decreasing mail volume and postage increases that haven't shored up the bottom line. To have a 'sudden' $7 Billion dollar deficit just indicates the folks in charge have been asleep at the wheel for...oh...a decade or so.


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