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Funny how the reporter savagely opens the mailer at 0.39 in the video,either he's not a subscriber and didn't read the instructions or did it for the dramatic effect.


Cool video. I recently started getting my discs from Memphis when I used to get them from Jackson, Mississippi.


Anyone notice the dvd that is being put into the dvd player is a blank recordable dvd? hmmm....


I love to watch old Sci-Fi movies where they show the latest computer technology. For example, the original "War of the Worlds" has a shot of a computing facility - with analog computers. No wonder the Martians had the confidence to invade!

These machines already look obsolete. The "Watch Instantly" (VOD) technology does away with all this handling of physical items. It's all so funky and kludgy.


Saw another video recently where the employees are stuffing by hand. I guess different dist centers handles things differently...


Great clip...interesting to see the inner workings of a service I love.


Cool video...what's funny is that while I was in the middle watching it, the mailman just delivered two movies to my house, haha.


I am sure Netflix invest millions of dollars into their equipment. So it might look out dated and junky to you but I am sure it is highly sophisticated.


Video On Demand is definitely where Netflix is heading, but IMO, the technology just isn't fully baked yet. When enough people have FTTC (Fiber To The Curb), and movie execs are willing to allow Blu-Ray quality encodes with full 7.1 audio streams, then VOD will have arrived. Til that day, I'll keep my eyes on the postman as he delivers my physical media to my doorstop.


@TheCrow: Maybe it was a Borat DVD?


I'm looking for some african american history cd's such as rosewood and other movies. When will netflix have them in stock??


It's too bad that they don't check the DVD's for problems or clean them during this process. I know local video stores that have an easier time keeping discs clean. I'm so sick of losing money on getting the same disk twice just so I can finish it.


Rember though it's all about speed here. Your local video store has all day to clean discs for the evening rush.

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