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Wait, you can control the Roku over WiFi? Are there any other tools for controlling it this way (desktop, other phones, etc)?


Answered my own question. Check out this thread http://forums.rokulabs.com/viewtopic.php?t=20106


wait for the apple tablet. it'll be ideal for coffee table computing and will probably run iPhone apps on it.


G1/Android has had this feature for a long time as the Gmote, a FREE app that controls your PC / media library via WiFi.


thanks for the useless info, Matt! I'm sure all those IPhone users out there who read that will instantly drop their mobile carrier and platform just to save a budget breaking 99 cents...



thats what we call, smarmy.

Gregg Reno

If you happen to have an Andriod phone, I've released Roku Remote, which is an app that works the same way. It's available on the Android marketplace.

Screenshots here:


i have the ipod touch but when downloading the application its telling me that i need iphone 3.0 software update.... is this only for the iphone or is it able to be gotten still for the touch, and if so how can i get this update, so that i may get this software?

Cell phone tracker

There is an app call remote control out there which allows you to control your PC with a cell phone.

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