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My billing history starts on 12/10/01 but I remember signing up with a promotional thing that came with the purchase of a DVP-S7000 way before that.

It's completely unimportant to me because netflix places no value on it.


why would the date i sign up be important?

Curt Hibbs

How do you even see your start date? I can't find mine.


Maybe she thinks an early start-up date gives her geek cred. BTW, my start date with NetFlix is 9/99

If you click the 'Your Account' link at the top of the page, you'll see the start date in the 'Membership at a Glance' section

Ann_from _Brooklyn

For the life of me I can't fathom the importance of the start date to her. Maybe Vince is right about "geek cred"?


guys, her start date clearly corresponds to a traumatic and important time in her life as does the time her service got interrupted. it probably doesn't matter insomuch itself, but it clearly means something to her.

... and i joined in 2004 which i thought was early till i hears about you Y2Kers. soo much geek cred (!)


It doesn't mean a thing! I've quit and restarted so many times over the years, to reset the throttling, that I can't remember my 1st date.

I'd guess it's around 02/2003

Davis Freeberg

I think you guys are looking at it the wrong way. The real question is why should the date be that important to Netflix. I'm proud of when I first signed up and like the whole member since . . . concept. It's OK if you don't understand, but it's something that meant enough to this girl that she tried to contact Netflix several times over it. It might mean that someone has to manually change something, but if it matters to their customers, then they should make reasonable efforts to accommodate them or at least give a good reason for why it's too difficult.


One thing I haven't seen mentioned - if I had signed up for one month in 2001, quit, and re-joined last month, Adria's suggestion would imply I've used Netflix for 8 years while I obviously haven't. Then someone else would write a blog post about how angry they are that their start date is wrong because it's much too old. You can't please everyone all the time.

The only reason I think this could ever come up is if you call Netflix customer service and say "I've been having ____ problem with the service, could I get some kind of compensation?" If you've been a paying member for sixty months, they might have a little more leniency than if you've been around for two months.

But at the same time, provided you're closing and re-opening the same account, any Netflix employee is going to see your full history and realize that it goes back for 5 years. If you've opened half a dozen different accounts, that's going to be harder to prove.

The default in the Netflix back-end is obviously just to use the date of your last join. So if Netflix programmers are working on fixing this 'problem' it means they're not improving watch instantly, not improving movie recommendations, not improving overall site layout. I think it's pretty unanimous here that no one else here seems to care.

If I tell someone I've used Netflix for five years, I don't think they're going to say "Oh yeah? Prove it! Log into your account and show me the 'Member Since' date. And hey! No using your billing history to prove that number might not be completely accurate!"


How do you even see your start date? I can't find mine.

So you read none of the article, and now you want help? No, you don't deserve it, broham.


in Your Account, under Membership at a Glance, mine says:
Member Since: January 2000

the only reason why this may be important is if you were you were grandfathered in when they expanded their plans and increased prices.

for example, i'm on the original 4 dvd's out at a time plan, but it only costs me $16.99 since that's what it cost before they introduced the 3-out plan and jacked up the price on the 4-out.


Billy's got a good point: She HASN'T been a member since her original start date (whatever the reason).

I do understand why someone might think their original start date is somehow important, or that that date might have some kind of personal meaning to them, but things like this get reset all the time.

Chalk it up as one of those things that might bug or irritate you, but in the end are completely meaningless.


Seems reasonable to me.
4/27/2000 is what the billing history says for my first bill, but my “Member Since” data is December 2007.

Long Time Customer

Start date appears to be important because I'm guessing that it's one of parameters of the Netflix throttling algorithm.

bubble dumpster

perpetual victim.

Scott Elkin

Not important, but fun to know.

January 2003

Nat Mishkin

Completely unimportant (except for that 4-out-at-a-time-at-3-out-at-a-time-price benny that, like a previous poster, I get), but fun to flash:

December 1999.

(It's kind of like checking out the date of the earliest email that I sent and that's archived in some place findable by a Google search.)

Actually, I have the vague sense that I actually started using Netflix a bit earlier. I'm not sure that the "Member since" date isn't actually marking when the whole "all you can eat" (with N out at a time) thing started. When I started there was simply a charge per disk rented, or something similar. Can anyone else remember the details of the original model?


I agree with Billy. She wants the Netflix site programmers to focus on something that is only cosmetic... It doesn't affect her service, her account, or anything else concerning her netflix experience for that matter.
Also, if you read the full article on her "professional bog", then you will see she admitted to playing the system to "stick it to the man". Netflix is kind enough to keep her as a member, despite the fact she is skirting the rules, so I think, as a loyal member of an awesome service, one might gracefully accept the fact that she has been a member since August 2006, and she can feel special when she sees her complete billing history that she has been a member since 2003. As far as "tech cred" goes, we all know now that she has it..... She posted it on her blog, and got Hacking Netflix to post it as well. She has the creditability. Now she can feel happy.

As a side note: I might also think a person who lives by a book called "The four hour work week" may have too much time on her hands.

Raghu Srinivasan

One of the first things you see after you join http://feedfliks.com is your Netflix start date.


Raghu: Which start date? The date you start paying the company, or the date Netflix has you listed... Did you even read the article?

Harvey Birdman

Going into the database and changing data is not too difficult a task. However, it depends what database and field the joined date comes from. If this data is based on billing or another field then it you cannot simply change that date as it would screw up other things. Also if you do it for one person soon you will be doing it for EVERYONE and wasting Database Engineering time. A tool could be made to change it (maybe), but also that is a lot of resources (hours of programming time possibly depending on the structure) for a demand rate that is probably fractions of a % of the customer base.

I have been a member since January, 2000 and that is part of my geek cred and pride at being a member. However, I don't think I would make a big deal of it. Honestly, this person can just say "yeah it should be sooner, but there was a glitch" and I don't think she'll have her pocket protector taken away anytime soon!

Adria Richards, ButYoureAGirl.com

Thanks to everyone for the comments. It's always nice to get different perspectives on a technical and customer service issue. At the end of the day, people should feel good about using your products and services.

@Vince It's like geek guys who compare how much memory they have in their "rigs" -- in guyspeak, "How long is yours?"

@spavis You read my mind

@Davis Freeberg Good point. I figured since they began implementing community features that at sometime, my start date could be something that showed up to others.

@matt Yes, grandfathered pricing could be another benefit of a correct membership date

@billy @Jdoors I did have an uninterrupted membership until August 2006. In the past I had switched cards on the account but had not seen a membership reset date or experienced an account suspension.

I'm sure we've all been on forums and seen when people joined. That' the best way I can explain it.

I've been wanting to post about this for a while so thanks to HackingNetflix for posting it!




Just go to the end of the list to see when your first DVD was sent. Mine is 10/27/05, but my listed as February 2009.


Rather my listed start date is February 2009.


Since 10/2001, but actually first started in 1999. Stopped for awhile due to throttling frustrations, but they sucked me back in.


The membership start date shown is since the latest restart. Since she let her membership lapse without payment for over a month, it was automatically cancelled. Her original startup date is able to been seen on the netflix side so that would be taken into consideration on any dealings with customer service. As far as geek cred being an excuse to bad mouth a company; I think thats pretty weak.


I think that I must wrap my head with duct tape after reading the commentary on this "issue"


I'll care about what my start date is, was, might, should or could be when it lowers my mortgage payment.


It's just geek cred to me. My original start date was 1999; then, I got divorced, my wife kept the account, and I rejoined and now have a start date of 2004 which is not as cool as 1999. I don't really spend any time worrying about it.

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