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Yes! Love that show! Does this mean the upcoming season(5) will also be available Instant Watch a day or two after airing? Love it!! With this addition, and Leverage, I am completely hooked. Well done Netflix!!


Season 2 requires a dvd? this summary is confusing. Is it on streaming or not?

Ann_from _Brooklyn

This is awesome! Thanks for the headsup.


it pains me to see 193 on the instant queue in the picture - I hope the buttons on the roku control are durable.

When will netflix add category browsing a la Amazon ?
every movie already has a netflix category, I don't understand why it's so hard

maybe a topic for another post ?


It looks like it's just the bonus features of season 2 that require a disc. Funnily enough, the bonus features of the seasons besides 2 aren't even listed.


yeah i been like a year for this show to come on netflix

well done netflix

save money
more movies


Hmmm...maybe there's too much demand for Lost, because Netflix appears to be down right now:

"Netflix Site Error
We were unable to process your request.

Please go to the Netflix home page by clicking the button below."

Click the button, same message.

Edward R Murrow

This is a non-event as folks have always been able to view episodes of Lost at www.abc.com

ABC is also making a new website available in Beta mode here: http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/lost


@Fred, it doesn't look like Season 2 actually requires a DVD. All of the episodes (1-25) are there. On my Xbox, I see that there are episodes 26-30, but I don't know what they can be since all of Season 2 is accounted for.

AHHH can't wait for season 6!


i hope season 6 goes stream to

and add more shows

there more good to add




RE Edward Murrow--

Being able to watch something online, and being able to stream it to my TV, mark a significant difference for me. I do very little of the former, and quite a lot of the latter. So I may have to take advantage of this sometime and rewatch all those Lost episodes.


Wow! This is the best news ever! Really. I honestly never thought they would do it because it was an ABC show.

I've been re-renting them from Netflix because I'm getting ready for season 6.


Edward Murrow -

I am an avid fan of the show and you can't watch all 100+ episodes from the past 5 seasons of Lost on ABC. So yes, for us LOST fans, this is an event.

Great way of getting ready for the last season!


maybe not so quietly...



They also made Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations available!!

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