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Cool counter. I'm at 1204.




1498, I had no idea!


I'm at 1137, but I don't usually review TV shows.


4515, but that includes "Not Interested." It seems like they should take that out so you have a real idea of how many movies you've watched/rated.

Mr Nethead


Katie Jane

WOW, can it really be that many movies? 4349. That is amazing. Good idea Netflix!

Ann_from _Brooklyn

Only 880. I've got a lot of rating to do to catch up to you folks.




Matt is Leet!


Only 458 but that's because I only rate those I like :)


13,585...BAM!!! :P



Daniel S.


Mr.  Nethead

Conedude, if you've really truly watched 13,585 movies I'd like to know how you did it!




My number is 9749. However, that is deceiving. Whenever you click on Not Interested, that counts as a rating. For example, when I see tv shows that I have no interest in, like Desperate Housewives, I will go through and click Not Interested on each season. Each one counts as a rating. I would guess that maybe 2-3000 of those are actual star ratings.

On the Friends page, it says my reviewer rank is 850.


Number of movies rated: 2304 (and no 'not interesteds')

Number of recommendations: 0

I'd prefer bad recommendations to none at all.

Bob M.



Mine's 724...lame...

While in this section of Netflix, I'm pretty annoyed that they took away the number of movies you've rated similar to the film for movies they recommend to you. It was always a great judge that if I like 20+ similar movies, I was probably really going to like that film. Now I've must determine from a short list of films if it'd be something I like.


Mr. Nethead, i haven't watched that many. most of them are not interested since i'm just not interested in most of the stuff out there. it helps weed out the stuff that i'm not interested since there is usually a filter for stuff that i have already rated. allowing me to see the stuff i haven't rated.

Mr.  Nethead

Oh okay. I guess that makes a little more sense. I usually don't bother clicking on "not interested"-I guess I'm just not that patient.


I have rated 13,342 movies but it rarely gives me any suggestions anymore. I've probably contradicted their algorythm too many times.

Mr.  Nethead

I don't get suggestions either. I think it's because I'm extremely picky and a lot of movies only get 2 or 3 stars.


4034--it's kinda fun.


1197 rated, 1266 seen in lifetime.


27,609. Seriously


52,969 although I will readily admit I constantly put Not Interested for a lot of stuff, like anything from the 90s since I feel I have seen all of those I want to. I would like to know what my amount of actual ratings is.

I don't review a lot of movies put so that amount puts me at reviewer rank #1494.

uncle fishbits

3859! I already got my netflix doll. That was wild.... over 3000 you get that cool doll? I was weirded out until I realized they had my address and that is how they sent it to me. thanks! It look a little like the "Noid" from pizza past, but it's okay... glad to be included!


"Netflix Adds "Movies Rated" Counter"

That "counter" has always been there. It's just huge and obnoxious now.



4,125 actually rated, the rest are "not interested."


I think it's ironic my "Movies You'll Love" page says "Rate more movies so we can help you find movies you'll love" when I've been rating every movie I rent all along, and my recommendations page has been empty - zero recommendations - for like a whole year now.

Whatever is broken in their algorithm, they really need to fix it.

FWIW: I've rated 888 titles to date. A lot of my ratings are for series (I've watched a lot more than 888 DVDs in the past 9¼ years).

Mr Nethead

Yeah, I would sort of like to get some recommendations every now and then. Maybe Netflix should give us a slider so we can select a custom level for recommendations. With the slider set at 3 stars it could be "Movies You'll Like."


@Michael - To find out how many titles you have actually rated go to this link: http://www.netflix.com/MoviesYouveSeen
Then jump to not interested.
The end of the url will be a number. Subtract 1 from it and that will be the number of actual ratings.

Account Deleted

Sweet counter! 1422 for me. I only wish they're recommendation system worked better. I'll keep on rating with the hopes they improve it with that new million dollar system, but for me the only real recommendations come from MovieLens (http://movielens.umn.edu)

not unpreposterous

Using Baff's trick above, I've rated over 5,100 and marked over 900 "not interested."

Probably 3/4 of the "not interested" ratings are for titles that have "WWE" or "UFC" or something similar in the title.

And yes, I really have seen (at least) 5,100 movies and tv shows. (Think of all the tv and movies we've seen that aren't on dvd.)


Thanks Baff!

So out of my 52,969 I have rated 2,611.
346 5-star
619 4-star
855 3-star
628 2-star
163 1-star

I must be very picky. My not interested include basically every single music DVD, all of the how-to DVDs, most sports DVDs, a lot of children's DVDs, plus the 90s movies I mentioned earlier. And probably 80-90% of newly released 2000s movies. I figure if I am never going to see them I might as well mark them.

Although TV series I watched growing up but did not watch the DVDs, I marked as not interested because I felt that would be cheating.

Looking for Suggestions

I am around 1k, but what I love is the fact that the more movies I rate, the fewer and fewer suggestions I get.

Last time I checked, I had 2 suggestions.

You would think with all of the movies Netflix's has that 1k worth of ratings would allow them to recommend more than 2 movies


I'm at 1195 and I also rarely get suggestions. Here's hoping the contest winner is implemented soon and it does in fact improve their suggestions.


4582 here!

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