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You can probably call the police and complain. Maybe some kind of noise ordinance... Where I work (in a small grocery market in Cali) a neighbor called about our parking lot lights being on too late and we had to change them (because they were too lazy to close their blinds)...


OMG, it's like the sound of something dying! Good lord, Netflix, grease the door, be kind to your neighbors.


Be Kind... Rewi... ummmm fix that door...


common courtesy...netflix should handle this.


btw...someone should link this post to nf's twitter page..I would but twitter is blocked at work.

Mr Nethead

Wow, that sounds like some sort of animal call...


That is quite funny. Did you notice how huge the door is? After the car went through it took like another 45 secs to get the top.

So, not only is it noisy, it is a huge waste of electricity to have that thing going up and down all of the time. (Unless of course they often drive cranes and other heavy equipment through, then I retract my comment.)


I would have hoped that Netflix would be a good neighbor but the OP having waited a few weeks with no positive results tells me otherwise.


Sounds like whales, just add a little bit of ocean waves and you will have a dream machine.


Ahh, crickets, the wind through the trees, and ... Oh My God -- Someone's killing a whale!

The OP has been a good neighbor and notified the culprit without response, it's time to complain to the authorities. Living next to any industrial/business area there's bound to be SOME noise, but that's unnecessary and completely unacceptable.

Maybe they laid off their building maintenance workers along WITH their customer support personnel?


Wow, that is the most plaintive garage door wail I have ever heard.

Vern Padgett

Yes call the police. Cities have noise ordinances, and surely Netflix is breaking yours. Or walk over there with a can of graphite spray and spray the guides.

I sent a nice letter to the hospital behind my wall, asking them to put some sound baffling by the cogeneration machinery that made 82 dB on the C scale (low frequency). That's like standing on the shoulder of a freeway with semis coming by at 65 mph. Except it was at my kitchen door at 11 pm.

No answer to my nice letter, or the next, or my nice phone calls.

I sued them in small claims court, and won $5000 (they didn't show). That sure got their attention.

The vice-president drove out from Palm Springs where he'd cancelled meetings to show at the next court appearance, where he said that this was the first he'd heard of this issue, and I was right, and they were sorry, and they'd put up sound insulation. Which they did, and I waived the judgment. I didn't want the money; I just wanted some quiet.

Sad to say, legal action is needed sometimes just to get some people to pay attention.


I dunno, if it were that annoying I'd simply walk into the main entrance of their headquarters and ask the receptionist if I could speak to someone about the problem.

I'd take my phone with me, and let them watch it, then ask (politely) if they could please get something done about it ASAP...

And I'd politely add..

"Or should I call the police and report it as a nuisance noise? Or take some other action? As I've already written a polite letter to (whomever) and it has gone ignored."

Sometimes you have to bypass the little cogs and go straight to the big ones.

You should have seen the response I got from my local Time Warner when I called (and waited) to speak to the VP in charge of consumer relations, after my local TW folks failed to install or meet dates for my service for 3 months!

Can you say "Next Day. Full Crew. Ran the cables through my walls for free? I Knew you could!

AND because one of the installers found out I was not friends with the VP (asked me) and said "Well if we had known you were not his friend, we would not have shown up today either!" someone lost their job after I passed on the comment when the VP called me back to make sure they had installed!


LOL @ this. Reminds me of the scene in Little Miss Sunshine with the VW horn.

Derek Wolfgram

Thanks to Mike for the post and Steve @ Netflix for the prompt response. I'm glad to know the part has been ordered, and that the door will be locked after hours until it's fixed. I'll send in a new, boring video of the quiet door after it's working properly.


Passing by

Exit has been coned off - I saw this after 7pm.


I'm glad Netflix is moving to deal with the problem, Derek. Good luck and I'm curious to see the new quiet video. :)


props to netflix for handling this swiftly.

I wish more businesses realized that their buildings are often part of a community.

Derek Wolfgram

Interim solution in action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zvvfckU12Cc



"props to netflix for handling this swiftly."

How do you consider them handling it swiftly? The OP stated it had been several weeks since he wrote a letter to them and never heard back. If they had parts on order they should have let the letter writer know. They also could have been locking the door at night all along not just after the story hit the internet.

It seems to me that Netflix was shamed into getting it fixed and the parts being ordered statement is just BS.


@ tester

granted their communication could have been better but it seems to me like they acted on it fast.



"granted their communication could have been better but it seems to me like they acted on it fast."

How did they act on it fast if after several weeks it is still not fixed? Just because they said they're waiting for parts does not make it so nor does it correct the problem.

I ask you two questions;

1. Why did it take a story on the internet for them to say, or do something?

2. Assuming they really did order the parts they need why, once again, did it take a story on the internet for them to lock the door so as not to disturb their neighbors? Especially since according to Swasey it was driving them nuts too.

Although I must say that Swasey making the statement makes me believe that what he said is pure bull. He has said and done things in the past that leave him with no credibility as far as I'm concerned. After reading some of the BS that he has said in the past I wouldn't believe him if he told me it was raining even if I was standing outside and getting wet.


yeah...don't really care to argue it. I simply stand by my opinion.


An interesting FYI - the building that Netflix is in - and that garage - are owned by the same people that own the apartment building that the OP lives in. It's actually on them to take care of these sorts of issues.

not unpreposterous

@ first commenter:

"Where I work (in a small grocery market in Cali) a neighbor called about our parking lot lights being on too late and we had to change them (because they were too lazy to close their blinds)..."

Boy, I'm glad I don't live next door to you.

"The neighbors complained about my trash cans being on the street all week (because they were too lazy to close their blinds)."

"The neighbors complained about my stereo being audible in their living room (because they were too lazy to close their windows)."

The neighbors complained that I left dog crap piled up all over my yard (because they were too lazy to hold their noses)."



You don't know that for sure. It all depends on what is in the lease agreement.

miss information

@Squiver - Yes, very true, Netflix is in a "mixed use" development, and the same owner of the apartments across the parking area is technically who should fix it (and get the complaint). I believe Netflix leases their space, they are not the owner. I have no idea who is actually paying for the repairs...

baron chandler

Slow it down some and it would sound like one of those new age whalesong CD's.

Derek Wolfgram

Door has been fixed for a few days now - Netflix was great about keeping me updated on the repair progress. I don't know when the door is going up and down anymore - since I can't hear it :) - but I will get out to shoot a revised video soon. Since they did address the problem, I took the video off youtube, but it actually got 2800+ views before it came down.

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