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"Doug from Netflix said that I should call Microsoft and find out why I had to install the application."

That's the response you get when you lay off your technical support department :P


I hate how silverlight gives linux users like me the shaft.


And DRM-encrypted streaming WMV didn't give you the shaft? At least with Silverlight Mac users now have access to streaming, and it integrates much better with Firefox (I no longer have to open IE to stream! yay!). In theory, there's nothing stopping Linux from having a Silverlight implementation. Mono's Moonlight (http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight) is working on just that and people are actively trying to get that to work with Netflix (http://fatbuttlarry.blogspot.com/2009/02/netflix-ubuntu.html).

But then maybe I'm biased. I jumped on the Silverlight streaming beta as soon as it was made available, and have had nothing but good experiences. Of course I'm running Windows, but overall I see Silverlight being a good thing here. Also, the work that Microsoft has put into adaptive streaming in Silverlight will ultimately make the Netflix experience even better on slower links.


Well we could see this coming when Hastings joined the board over at Microsoft, really. Microsoft would definitely want to have complete dominance over the Watch Instantly feature because Silverlight is in direct competition with Flash. Can't use Watch Instantly with any other video game player except XBox too, right? Also, MS and Google are competing so I doubt we'll see support for Chrome for a loooong time. Anyhoo, Silverlight works well for me and I've yet to have any problems with it in IE8 or Firefox.


I didn't know people were still not using Silverlight for Netflix?

Works great for me. But then again I mostly use the Roku box on my TV.

Still never had a problem with Silverlight & Netflix.


Oh and yeah Microsoft & Netflix have a deal together.

I think Microsoft helps Netflix with streaming space and such. So they aren't complaining. Nether should you, yeah Linux support would be nice. It's competition.....Gotta hold hands with other big companies to stay in the game. So if Netflix & Microsoft can help each other out and deliver a good service to us. Then awesome.


I dislike having "one more application" to install, but I really do love the new player. For me the performance is much better, and that is all that really matters!


I'm still using the 'old' player. Just started a stream this morning (8/18/09). I know that I'm one of very few left.


Well, this is one step closer to Linux compatibility. The latest Moonlight does seem to do the streaming video elsewhere. Unfortunately Netflix sees I'm running Linux and says, "Oh...I'm so sorry."


Prediction: In less than five years Microsoft will own Netflix.

Now that will be "awesome". As in, "Holy crap, look at that awesome meteor headed towards earth!" LOL


I'm not a Microsoft fan, and I hate that Linux users are still being left in the dark here, but I have to admit that I get much better framerates on my old, underpowered HTPC with Silverlight than I do with Flash elsewhere. I know Netflix never used Flash for streaming, but it's what I initially wished they used before I realized Silverlight was good for my old Windows PC.

Vincent Wright

Get Over It! What a whiner. Since they stream to the Xbox 360 using Silverlight, how do you not know this was coming?


> At least with Silverlight Mac users now have access to streaming..

Nope - Intel based Macs are required. Just lil bit older apple boxes owners are sol.


I liked the old one much better for a number of reasons. One is that I like to use dual monitors - one for viewing and one for other stuff like working or browsing the interwebs. It was a big exercise in annoyance trying to get full screen on one monitor to work while I continued to use my keyboard or mouse on the other.

It used to 'just work'. Now I have to use the media center viewer with a special maxifier plugin. I want to use my browser... NOT media center.

Another is that I also used to get better quality streams than I do now. It's constantly 'downgrading' the stream while playing.


It was time for an upgrade when my PPC eMac started to exhibit serious problems (the CRT died and the superdrive started to produce coasters). Now I have a brand new Mac mini (installed a faster HD and maxed-out the RAM) hooked up to my HDTV and I'm streaming SDTV quality video from Netflix, Hulu, and others. No need to burn DVDs anymore, VLC plays all the ripped content via the HD. I hope Silverlight works with the Snow Leopard software upgrade next month.


Not a fan. My biggest problem is I have dual screens at work. One screen Im working, the other screen I typically have a movie up. I can't full screen with the new player...I put it in full screen and as soon as I go to the other screen and click on a work window the browser drops back down.


Flash based streaming (especially on Hulu) has always been hit or miss for me. I get dropped frame rates, and forget HD playing. So I can't complain about Silverlight. Especially since I do the bulk (pretty much all) of my streaming to the xbox. The new player is very fast, and quality is almost unbeatable.

Luis Herrera

I just installed it on my macbook and the image looks more pixellated is there a way to remove it. I found it weird it prompted me to install it but i thought it was for the better i was wrong the picture quality did not get better at all :(


The Linux whining is annoying. People run Linux for ideological reasons. First they lecture everyone else about how they are "open" and are not lackeys of capitalism. They say that Linux runs everyting that is available on standard platforms without having to make moral compromises. Then when it becomes clear that Linux does not run everything they might want instead of blaming themselves for making a bad choice in operating systems they blame everyone else for not accomodating to their arcane choices.


i have no issues with silverlight on os x. it's neither better nor worse than flash. i just wish it could display full screen on a second display and it was easier to jump forward/backward 10 seconds.


I have likes/dislikes on the Silverlight version:

Faster loading
Faster resume

Picture quality


If the latest release of Silverlight is "required" by Netflix for streaming, then Netflix customer service passing the buck to Microsoft is unfortunate.

The original poster "heard bad things" about Silverlight -- It's a Microsoft product, people would complain if Microsoft supplied free foood to the entire world; "It's not the best food I ever had," "I know someone who got gas from it," "It's too confusing," "I could do better," "I want them to MY food in a special way," blah-blah-blah.

As for MY experience with Silverlight, it works fine. Movies buffer when my connection is bad and I'm not blown away by the technical quality of the picture, but I blame that on my low-price connection and low-end computer -- NO streaming compares in quality to a hard copy of HD material.

Similar to the Linux crowd I DO have a compatibility issue. I want to use a 64-bit browser 100% of the time, like IE8 64-bit, but Silverlight's not compatible. Since both IE and Silverlight are Microsoft products, there's NO ONE ELSE to blame but -- Microsoft -- for that issue.

Hunter McDaniel

Doesn't bother me because I won't use it. I have all the usual philosophical objections to heavy DRM software on my computer. I want my PERSONAL computer to obey me, and only me.

I don't have any such objections to the DRM which is embedded in my Roku box. It's part of a service which I find valuable and whatever restrictions it carries are limited to that single device.


Oh, great a new player... We stopped using streaming months ago, since basically every time we wanted to play something a new player had to be installed. I don't like installing new stuff on Windows boxes I use for work, and it is a bother to keep using a separate machine just for NF. So no streaming here anymore.


Hunter McDaniel, your statement is really backwards. People that have philosophical objections to DRM means they avoid it in all media, even DVD's. You are not special because you avoid it in one or two instances and you are NOT harming DRM companies by not watching instant watch on your browser! DRM will always be here, and the only way to get it less intrusive is to complain, but no amount of complaining will get rid of it completely. DRM in blu ray is what we should all be against, because you can only watch it on a PC in full resolution with HDMI/DVI with HDCP without using illegal software.


Is it just me or are their a LOT of folks who watch streaming movies while they are at work? The last thing I would do is come here and complain that I cannot get my movie fix at work because of "This or That" just in case my boss happened to be one of the other posters!

I always thought we went to a job to "work", not watch movies via instant streaming services!


"The Linux whining is annoying. People run Linux for ideological reasons."

You are inaccurate. I run Linux because Microsoft is an abusive company, that writes mediocre software, and charges too much for it. Apple is also an abusive company that writes mostly nice software but is overpriced. The home desktop market is an oligopoly I'd rather not participate in. Linux works good enough for most purposes, while being more secure, marginally faster and more robust.

If the Roku box didn't exist, Instant Play would have no value to me. Since I have a Roku box, I'm mostly ambivalent about what Netflix does with Instant Play on the desktop.

I tend to support companies that support Linux and actively avoid companies that don't. That's my prerogative. I made a good choice for my computing needs.


Ran into this requirement a couple of days ago. Not really looking forward to installing Silverlight. I hope the latest version of the player is better than the craptastic experiences I've read about.


Regarding using the silverlight player with dual monitors. I've been using the silverlight player in Opera for a few months (you have to go into Opera's settings and tell it to identify as firefox or IE but it works just fine) And in Opera you can zoom in the video so that it is basically full screen. I don't know if you can do that in Firefox or not (because for some reason Silverlight won't install on that computer's version of Firefox) and it is a bit of a kludge but it works.


"What do you think of the Silverlight streaming player?"

it makes me want to buy a roku.

"People run Linux for ideological reasons."

that is demonstrably false. people run linux for all kinds of different reasons, including but not exclusively ideological ones.


I wish I could make the window smaller and have the streaming go with it. This used to work in IE but not in silverlight.


@Nick: "I wish I could make the window smaller and have the streaming go with it. This used to work in IE but not in silverlight."

I do that all the time ... I've NO idea why it doesn't work for you.


Since MS will not give the DRM pack to the moonlight guys, I would rather have flash or anything. You Mac folks that are happy now won't be soon. They will kill off support for mac as soon as silverlight has a hold on the market.


"The Linux whining is annoying..."

I have to disagree with you. I don't see anything wrong with wanting Netflix to work regardless of what OS one uses. Not all people run Linux for ideological reasons some people just prefer using a free OS rather than paying $100+ dollars. Also, I don't know anyone who makes the claim that Linux "runs everything," that's simply not true. Those of us who run Linux know that we have to make certain sacrifices but we also have the right to fight against barriers that limit Netflix to Windows and Macs. People need to realize that its better to reach as many people as possible and encourage companies to be more inclusive.

Linux User

"The Linux whining is annoying..."

Sorry, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with whining about Linux! It is a great operating system and I really don't care if less than 1% of people use it, that is a huge market of potential VOD renters and Netflix is basically raping me because I happen not to use an OS made by a convicted monopolist. It's absolutely vile and I demand this second class treatment stop! Since when did Linux users no longer have civil rights and equality under the law??? This is bad as being told at my job that I can't reformat my computer and install Linux, despite the fact that it makes me work better (to say nothing of being able to download torrents). Maybe worse!


In response to striatic, I did break down and buy a Roku box. It's the only way I could get halfway decent video on my HD TV since Netflix with the Silverlight player no longer works well on my XP laptop. Netflix tells me that I need a new computer, my 1.87Ghz processor is not sufficient and the onboard video can't handle it. I have a Sony laptop that's just about three years old and used to work fine with the old player. I'm just sorry that Microsoft and Netflix thinks that everyone is so rich in this time of failing economy, that they can afford to go out and buy a high end system to watch their video. Interestingly, I can watch the networks' video and hulu and joost with no problems.

I'm waiting now to see if Netflix will upgrade their player to work more effectively with Silverlight 3.0 which was released sometime in July.

Btw, I have had situations where some movies have very poor quality even with the Roku box.


There is no problem with this, I've used Silverlight for a long time...just get over it and get used to Silverlight. If you want better quality update your shit computer/get better internet connection.


My experience with it has been terrible. I am constantly getting kicked out of my browser sometimes 2 or 3 times in the course of a movie. The picture quality is worse then the original viewer and anytime I try to toggle to another tab it stalls the movie. I typically watch a movie or tv episode while responding to emails and instant messages so this has been a huge problem. I am by no means a computer wizard so perhaps the error is in my setup or system...however the old player worked fantastic from the first to the last time and its a huge hassle to try and figure out what the problem is. Would have been nice to be warned about the change over ahead of time along with a troubleshooting list.


The problem with silverlight is not that it only works on Windows. If you run another OS, that's YOUR choice to have done so, so stop whining about Netflix not supporting something that less than 1% of users use. Too bad.

The problem with silverlight is the picture quality. I for one will not use the player. However, I do like PlayOn in conjunction with the ps3. Looks kind of mediocre upscaled to an hdtv, but that's to be expected.

Jim Eubanks

I have a good cable modem, but my the video frequently stops and downgrades my image quality. During play the picture will pause while the sound continues then the picture comes back. Sometimes the picture doesn't come back, but remains frozen and the only way out is to use the task manager to close my browser. I never had any of these problems with the former (non-silverlight) player. I wonder if they changed it to cut down on the movies I was streaming. If so, it worked as they're mostly unwatchable now.

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