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I already knew that one. M$ needs to do that for the Xbox, they do not have that feature either in the old version or the new one!

Another thing you can do with the Roku is jump to the bottom of your queue from the top. The Xbox doesnt do that either!


@ Del, the Right and left bumper buttons on the xbox controller have always jumped ~10 or so movies (or tiles, or whatever page your on.) If you hold them down, you'll basically jump to the end of your list in no time at all.


I use the top portion on the Instant Queue for movies and the bottom portion for TV shows. Then the Roku wrap-around feature is useful to me to quick navagate the two homemade groupings.
The FF/RR buttom tip is new to me, thanks!


@tsrblke - interesting, I never use the contorller, I use an Xbox remote.

Suzanne Shanbaum

I can't get the fast forward to work to fast forward through movies. I can advance to where I want to go, but when I click play or select at the new location, the box loads to the new location and then instead of starting to play, it returns me to the beginning screen for that title with the options of playing from the beginning or resuming from where I BEGAN to fast forward. Any tips on that?

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