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Kevin M

Awesome, it can be such a pain when I wanna search for a movie to watch and you gotta get up and get your computer.


Sweet. Now for better Instant Queue organizing and categorizing. Now Netflix needs to add Instant Profiles on other profiles of the master account.

Let's hope for the best!


This is Roku we are talking about. They are notorious for making commitments and not keeping them. Research the Roku HD1000 for references.


It is nice to be able to do that, but it does not allow for parental control.

I other words R rated movies show up on the list that any kid can pick and watch, NOT GOOD!

I know you can change your Netflix account to only show PG-13 movies, but when you change to that setting you also loose un-rated older movies, tv shows, documentaries, music videos, sports videos, etc...


I think that Roku will probably work hard on this project. There are a few shortcomings in the Roku experience. The lack of Dolby 5.1 bothers a lot of people and some think that 1080i is preferable to 720p. But the real problems that Roku faces are navigation.

They just added Major League Baseball. I would expect that college football and basketball might be next. Add YouTube and a news channel and you have a lot of content coming from a tiny box with no almost controls. The current NetFlix-Roku menu system is obviously a kludge. Consider that a Roku box could soon have a hundred different video services. I remember when TVs had three networks only. Now I have, what - 300?

The Roku box may be a world beater if their software can evolve to provide adequate navigation. I think they will make that a priority and ignore 1080i.


Some things aren't Rokus problem....

Lack of 5.1 in Netflix streaming is not Rokus fault. Now adding 1080i for tvs that support that and not 720P would be good since all HDtv owners should enjoy 720p streaming. As for 1080i streams? Again not Rokus problem. Plus 720P streams just came out. So I doubt well see 1080i for awhile.

As for parental controls? Again talk to Netflix & Amazon.

Sure Netflix & Roku do need to up things a bit.

I must say Amazons new search feature is awesome. Hell the Amazon channel is nice. Here's hoping Netflix ups there navigation. Looks like they did on the 360 & if it follows on the Roku, cool.

Right now the economy is in the crapper and the only product Roku has right now is the Roku Digital Video Player and it's doing well. So they will support it the best they can. I guess the sound bridge flopped. So maybe well get Internet radio on the Digital Video Player.

air max 90

Never too old to learn.*

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