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Juan Valdez

Search for anything with the word "the" and The Water Horse will show up, without fail. Been that way since the movie released.

This has been going on for a long time with various titles, in fact. They can deny it all they wish, but Netflix definitely pushes some titles harder than others.

Bill McClain

I had wondered about THE WATERHORSE. I've been seeing it in my searches for a long time.

I figured it must be a glitch as I didn't suppose that title had a big ad budget, at least not one that was still running.


I think this happens because a netflix search will show newer movies (and movies that are rented most often) closer to the top. They are trying to help people find things, after all. How better to do that than to show new/popular items?

Netflix also seems to put full emphasis on every word in a search. The full title of Water horse has the word "the" twice in the title.

But, who cares, evil conspiracies are more interesting.


I came here to post about Water Horse. I see that in my searches all the time, and I think several that did not even have 'the' (or any words in the title for that matter) in them pulled it up too.

'Aliens in the Attic' is the third result when I search 'the' though by the way.


Just continues to show that Netflix's own search engine is very outdated... it will continue to happen, and anyone who searches more than once a day has gotten these results. Perhaps you should instead use Feedflik's search engine to get accurate results.

Fred Fredrickson

Outdated? or Fine tuned? Most search algorithms ignore articles such as "the" but it makes hunting for titles very difficult...


I've never been happy with Netflix's search. It fails to take into account that sometimes (pretty much all of the time) I know the exact title of the film I'm looking for, and I'd rather go straight to that title without fuss. Something like IMDb's search would be ideal.


Aye, I too am sick of the waterhorse. Almost every search I have run comes up with title in the top 10 listings.

Walter Underwood

Netflix search needs to pay attention to "the" and "be" and other common words. How about these titles: "To be and to have", "To be or not to be".

More here: http://wunderwood.org/most_casual_observer/2007/05/invisible_titles.html


Yeah, The Waterhorse has raised suspicions for some time. I'm sure it's just a quirk of their search engine. Nice to hear that there's a DIFFERENT movie that pops up often. I'm kinda sick of The Waterhorse recommendation.


Search for anything with the word "the" and The Water Horse will show up, without fail. Been that way since the movie released.

The Waterhorse shows up on a search with the word "the" in it because the title actually contains that word 2 times (The Waterhorse: Legend of the Deep) making it a VERY relevant title to that keyword.

Mike D

If I ever make a movie i'm so calling it

Awesome Flick: and of the other the and 2


How about THIS? There are a few times I have received a DVD which I DID NOT PUT ON MY QUEUE! Usually it's some art movie or something...a thing that might slip by my notice. Anybody ever get a movie and then go willie tango fox?

Bill McClain

Years ago I received two titles not on my list and which did not come out of my quota: BIG BAD LOVE and THE MEXICAN with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts. I liked the first one quite a lot.


Have been adding a lot of movies to my queue today, just did a search for "The Maltese Falcon" which came up as the first result. "The Water Horse" and "Aliens in the Attic" came up as the 3rd and 4th results, respectively.

I would definitely say their is something fishy about that.


I don't think anything is fishy, except for their broken algorithm. If you looked even further, you'll see "Falcons: 2005 Draft Picks Collegiate Highlights", "Them", and "Pink Floyd: The Wall" in the list.

They are basically searching for the word "THE"!

"Have been adding a lot of movies to my queue today, just did a search for "The Maltese Falcon" which came up as the first result. "The Water Horse" and "Aliens in the Attic" came up as the 3rd and 4th results, respectively."


Hi Bryan... leave out "THE" and just search for "Maltese Falcon". I just did that and "THE Waterhorse: Legend of THE Deep" and "Aliens in THE Attic" didn't show up ANYWHERE. Like I said, Netflix searches for EVERY word you ask for.

So much for "fishy."


I guess I'm not alone. Damn you Waterhorse


And another Waterhorse hater! Comes up on almost EVERY search I do.


Also a repeat offender... THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS. Comes up in most every search result, for reasons I don't understand.


"He laughed and said no, he'd never heard of that, Netflix doesn't do sponsored search results like Google. "

But they for a fact manipulate results with algorithms to push less rented and therefore most available garbage dvds.


I just confirmed this trouble too, Aliens in the Attic came up when I searched Aliens, pretty close justifiably, then did a second search for Splendor in the Grass, and Aliens in the Attic was the #2 result, that's troubling.


A couple really basic things can cause a movie to show up everywhere.

1. Your preference settings.
There are certain movies that show up in my searches every time, even though I have never expressed an interest. Changed my settings, the result disappeared from my search results. Of course something else usually replaces it doing the same thing.

2. The tags associated with a movie by the website database.
Every item in a database has tags, (keywords) associated with it, allowing it to show up when one of those terms is searched for. The more tags added to a title, the more often it will show up.

Poorly tagged titles can cause them to either never show up, or show up all the time. Manipulation of tagging can be used to push something. Sometimes it's just an employee who did a suck job at tagging, adding so many tags or so general of tags that every search pulls it up.

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