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Sunshine Cleaning!


Probably finish up X-files Season 9 disc 3 tonight. Doubt I'll have time for anything Saturday night...then I'll finish up the weekend on Sunday by finished up the first season of Eastbound and Down.


Sunshine Cleaning!

Kenny Johnson

I have a few things to watch, not sure which I'll get to:

Sunshine Cleaning
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Run Fatboy Run

I have a few other things I own which I haven't seen yet...


Just mailed back: Rudo y Cursi, Trouble the Water, and Goodbye Solo.

Did a poor job of timing my returns so I won't have anything new until Monday.


gossip girl, season 2


I'm in the middle of a big move. If everything goes as planned I'll be online, watching LOST, on the Roku, by tomorrow night.

I also have Rudo y Cursi and The Class at "home".


Weeds, Season 3 on Blu Ray.


Ever since the addition of Lost I have become hopelessly addicted. Every time I finish an episode I have to know what happens next!

So.... probably a lot of Lost.


just got Adventureland in the mail today, probably going to watch that at some point, plus the last disc of a TV series called "Life As We Know It", so i might watch an episode or two of that.


Dexter Season 3


"True Blood" Season 1, discs 3 and 4, and SORDID LIVES

I would like to be watching ADVENTURELAND, but can't seem to get - now I know why - all you fools are sitting on it - watch the dang movie and send it back so some of the rest of us can see it!!!


the Union: The Business of Getting High. AWESOME documentary on streaming.


I just watched Adventureland and Children of the Corn on Blu-Ray. Adventureland was a disappointment IMO.

Red Comet



Like others here just watched Sunshine Cleaning...really enjoyed it. Later on today will see Goodbye Solo.


Finishing Disc 1 of Dexter: Season 3 (Should I even bother saying it's awesome? Cause it is).

Later tonight, I'll probably be watching "Ellie Parker".


Just finished up Special, an awesome indie film.

Started watching Big Man Japan on streaming, I think if I can make it through the tedious first 30 minutes it will be a riot.

Also planning to catch up on episodes of the Britcom "The IT Crowd"


Wife's queue: The Women
My queue: MST3K Mitchell
Instant Watch: Party Down, Blazing Saddles, and Dick Van Dyke.


I just returned the Dark Kight Yesterday. Good news is St. Louis, MO just started Saturday shipping (yay). I could IW a movie but I may just take the weekend to do some work. (Sad I know)


If anyone wants another way to feed their movie need while they wait on their Netflix discs to arrive... your library has more movies than you think:

Wowbrary tracks every new addition that you missed.


There is absolutely nothing sad about being a diligent worker.

That being said, I made the mistake(?) of perusing the new documentaries. I think I'll be busy for a while...


I just got my three movies in my mailbox. Alas I must have been crazy to put these dogs in my queue. I can't get up the energy to try to watch any of them. NetFlix needs its software to protect me from choosing such stupid movies. Or maybe Obama might want to provide this service?


Felicia Day's stuff: "The guild" season 1&2 DVDs, "Dr Horrible's Singalong Blog" one More TIME, and her YouTube indie sensation "Would You Date My Avatar" (~2 Meg viewings in about a week).


I will be watching the newest season of CSI New York on streaming before it goes away on September 7th, most likely due to the BS contracts that the tv studios.

Vern Padgett

PLB I know how you feel about the dog movies. I put those on when I'm grading papers or catching up on reading the newspapers.

I watched Hearts in Atlantis last night, Instant Streaming. Saw it years ago and it was even better than I remembered.


Watching ICE QUEEN recorded off the Chiller Network. I expect to rate it 2 stars. Then watching FAUSTO 5.0 on Instant Watch and then PRAYER BEADS: DISC 1. Saw it already, rated it 4 stars, and wanted to see it again.


disney channel and nick shows


A Dirty Shame (2004)
Unforgiven (1992)
The Old Maid (1939)


Dexter Season 3 Disc 1 just came in the mail - I am going to watch all episodes back to back YEAH!!


well i keep getting "your internet connection has slowed" even tho i have 10mbps/wired connection??!! Has been doing it for last 10 mins & i haven't been able 2 watch more than one min at a time! Any1 else having this issue??


Episodes from Friday Night Lights Season Three (awesome show) and just finished Adventureland (better than expected).


Christmas Evil, Hue and Cry, and The Secret Invasion DVDs. I'm avoiding the streamed content since I have a few unseen movies on the DVR.


We watched Sunshine Cleaning and plan on watching Duplicity later.


Disc 3 of Wonderfalls and Sunshine Cleaning

Pat Walton

We will be watching 'How the Earth Was Made',
plus 'Gran Torino', and then 'Coraline'. We just watched 'Adventureland'.... and it was really great !

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