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Steven Beller

Wow! An algorithm that recommends movies I've already chosen! What a fucking brilliant idea!!!


I guess it makes people feel big when they use curse words. Way to go there, big man. I'm sure everyone is impressed.

Anyway... I tried to use it but it timed out at 20% loading. I gave up and deleted off my NF account.


As an alternative, you can order your queue in Firefox by predicted rating within Netflix using a handy Greasemonkey script called Netflix Queue sorter. You can also sort your queue by a number of other variables. It looks like Feedfliks is now charging for their premium features, but there are a bunch of other scripts that you can use for free to get more functionality out of the Netflix site itself.


Steven Beller, a real genius...Brilliant comment!


Here's a thought .... dont have 400 movies in your queue. That way you can keep track of them easier. How does one get 400 movies in their queue to begin with?? clicking every movie that comes up??

just click on less movies ... and/or edit your queue every month or so by deleting movies ... I do it and always delete around 15 movies or so that I really dont wanna see anymore.


People (i.e., Steven Beller and Nick), this ISN'T perezhilton.com - if you do not like the content on this blog, please stop reading it and posting your sophomoric and/or rude comments - this is a nice group here - and we prefer to keep it that way.

Thanks for posting this info, btw, on feedfliks as i find it very interesting and helpful.


hmm, i don't know if it really helps that much in finding hidden gems because the NF recomendation system favors telling me more movies by directors who's movies i've enjoyed. "batman begins" at #3 is 60 spots above "8 1/2". so it's kind of sending me down a safe path.


I don't understand this. It recommends movies you already put in your que?


Raghu Srinivasan

Pier (and Steven B): this is Raghu from FeedFliks. What FF does is: takes your DVD Queue and sorts it by the titles that NF thinks you'd like the most.

Say, you have added some genre/director titles months ago to your queue and now they sit at positions 50 or 100 or 200. It's unlikely you'll get to them anytime soon. But, then, of late, you've rated some other titles with the same genre/director's movies very highly, then it's likely NF thinks you'll like those other titles already in your queue also quite a bit.

What FeedFliks does is try and surface such titles so you can decide if you want to watch them earlier if you choose.

david: also read http://www.roughtype.com/archives/2009/09/netflixs_tail_m.php for an interesting perspective.


Thanks, Raghu. I'll try it!

Holy Joe

The way you can make your queue to surprise you instead of just wait for you to go through the hundres=ds of movies you have is to always move to the top of it the ones that are in Short Wait, Long Wait, and Very Long Wait. Usually, if there's a wait period for them, it means they're pretty good anyway. Give this approach a try.


@Nick: How does one get 400 movies in their queue to begin with??

Being open-minded to new things. I like every genre, unlike most people, so I find myself saving lots to watch later. I've filled up my queue and overflow lists as well.

Smart people tend to appreciate movies that are *gasp* older than a YEAR! It's crazy, but there's some good stuff that came out a whole 3 years ago that I still haven't gotten around to watching.

If I deleted it, I'd just re-add it again later, so why not just keep those 400 in my queue? Feedflik's lets you easily leave a note on any item in your queue, saying "In queue because that hot girl is totally in it", or whatever else appeals to you.

I think it's now strange to have less than 100 discs in your queue if you've been a member for a year +.


I actually enjoy it telling me how much I'm on spending on a movie and etc over the recommendations part, I was hoping something like this would come out.

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