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Yup! I still adore my Tivo. I've got a Series 3 Tivo and I've had lifetime service for years now. I originally got lifetime service on my Series 1 box, it's paid for itself several times over. I don't have cable, I only use an antenna. So I'm literally getting the best quality HD signal for free every month. No Tivo fees and no Comcast charges. It's really hard to compete with that.

I couldn't imagine life without Tivo at this point. Netflix is getting close, they seem to have a good selection of NBC programs on their. If only the HD streams were up to par with OTA broadcast quality. Hulu doesn't stream to my TV unless I use TVersity and then the quality is horrible. And even if it did I'd still be missing over half of the TV shows I do watch.

I am watching Netflix closely right now, and I do hope that at some point they do accuire more shows so that unplugging my Tivo becomes more realistic. But even if they did it today, Netflix would continue to be "another monthly fee". Tivo and OTA TV would not.


I did the same thing as you about two years ago. It was getting annoying to run a cat5 cable to the Tivo every couple of weeks. No HD support killed me. If Tivo would have allowed me to transfer my lifetime service to the new box, I would have bought it in a heartbeat. But the thought of another 6-700 bucks for something Cox does for very little? Oy. I loved my Tivo and still love the company, but the service fees are just too much compared to the DVR built into cable.

You were right on with Xbox, Netflix and Hulu. Used mini display port to get my Mac plugged into my TV. Just caught up on all of 30 Rock Season 3 for free. Beautiful.




Yep, I still use TiVo...mainly for the UI right now, but the bottom line is even that is looking dated and they've made no real effort to modernize it going forward. So I suppose this isn't so much a statement on my love for TiVo as it is a rant against paying Comcast an equivalent monthly amount for a sub par box.

I keep wanting to build a HTPC to my desired specs, but such a huge initial financial outlay turns me off...especially when I'd have to buy CableCARD tuners myself to achieve the same level of functionality I currently receive.


I absolutely still use my Tivo. I have Time Warner cable, and when I upgraded to HD service, I used the Atlanta Scientific box, since it was only $10/month. This was their dual tuner DVR, and it sucked. It was slow, it missed recording shows if the show time changed, it didn't have more than 2 days of upcoming shows on it's schedule (you could manually scroll forward then wait for the show to download). The channel list only showed 4 channels at a time, and it placed the "live" TV image in the corner.

Long story short, I bought a Tivo HD after 6 moths and still don't regret the money it costs. It is SO much easier to use, and SO much more responsive, it's worth it.


I use a Tivo HD and a S3 in our house. The Comcast DVR just does not cut it for me. I got hooked on the TiVo UI early on and probable will be a customer for life.


I recently swapped my Series 2 for a SageTV box -- The core functionality of tivo was perfect, but the "Home Media Features" never lived up to it's promise -- particularly Rhapsody, their client had a good interface, but it was too buggy and slow. They claim that the Tivo HD was better, but I didn't really belive them.

I'm not 100% happy with my decision, since I still have to deal with occasional buggyness (mostly windows fault, not Sage) but Sage does TV as well as Tivo, and now I have 2 tuners, about 20x the recording space, automated power-management, no monthly fee and have Netflix instant viewing (in a web browser) in my living room - some of which I could have had with the Tivo HD, but not all.

My biggest loss is that I haven't been able to get serial-port control of my cable box from windows, which the tivo could do, so I'm stuck with an IR blaster that only works 90% of the time, though I do have one tuner configured for analog, so that diminishes the impact of the cable box.

I don't know exactly what I'm going to do when Comcast stops analog broadcast if they don't have many Clear QAM channels, probably drop cable. I'll cross that bridge then I guess.

Tim S.

I still use my Series 2 TiVo because it is the Toshiba model with a built-in DVD player/burner. I hope the thing never breaks.


My old roommate lives in Boston and he's had a Comcast box that _comes with_ the Tivo software. It's slow, screws up recordings, and pretty much sucks compared to the real deal.


<3 my Series3 TiVo. But working there has its benefits ;)


Jake: you should have your roommate contact support about the specific recordings he's had issues with. =


I'm a fan of stand-alone DVR's and have two of them, a JVC and a Phillips unit. Tivo users would hate them, no EPG and no Season Pass. You have to "program" them to record things - like we all did when VCR's were the new kid under the TV.

My DVR's have DVD burners built into them so I can High Speed Dub shows from the HDD to blank DVD-R media. True High Speed Dub as in it takes 14 minutes to burn a 1 hour show. Hmm. I know a few Tivo users that would kill for that functionality. My DVR's don't connect to the Internet and don't cost me a monthly or lifetime subscription just to operate but they do have that "pause live TV" feature. I don't mind the leg-work of looking up TV Listings online and punching in Date, Time, Duration and Channel.

Someday one of these companies will make a HD-DVR with builtin Blu-ray burner and I'll stand in line to purchase that unit as long as I don't have to connect it to the Internet or pay for the EPG.

Tom Wolper

I still use a VHS recorder to record TV and I never got a DVR. I use it to record Jeopardy so I can watch the game without commercials and interviews. Jeopardy isn't available online, even a pirated version. As much as I like Netflix, I think of them as added content to TV and not a replacement.


I'm still rockin' a S2 TiVo. Dual-Tuner (must have!) with 180GB. Its the cornerstone of my TV life. I haven't gone HD yet. The cost to upgrade the cable and my TiVo keeps me from it. I just like TiVo. It does exactly what I want it to do, so its still worth the $$ to me. I have mine setup so I can upload files from my networked computer to it. Making it all the more useful.

I have recently gotten a Blu-Ray player (my old dvd player died) that has the Netflix streaming and while I do enjoy that, I still use my TiVo waaaay more.


I'm cheap and don't want to pay for cable/dish and I certainly don't want to pay a monthly fee to record TV. HTPC with two HD tuners for OTA recording and Netflix is all I need. Helluva lot cheaper too.


It would be very difficult to remove the two Tivos in my house. The wife and elementary school aged kids all can operate them. If we switched to an HTPC solution, I would be forever called the family sys_admin.

I also use the Tivos sort of like extenders, with video saved on a very large disk and using Tivo To Come back.

Two TVs. Two Tivos. Plus Wii on the living room TV, and Roku on the Master bedroom TV.

Plus one TV with nothing. Just connected to cable.

We have not gone to HD cable, because I am loath to pay the cable company more money. And I don't want one of their set-top boxes. And I don't want one of their smelly, incompetent service people in my house.

What I'd really like to get to is:
(1) Netflix on Wii.
(2) Upgrade Tivos from S2 to HD
(3) Convert from Charter Cable to OTA
(4) Amazon lower prices on the simplest of old TV shows. E.g., Top Chef should NOT be $1.99/show.

What I lose:
- Live sports ... a don't care for my house.
- Disney channel ... I can get most of that via Netflix except for the Premiere events.
- CNN, CNBC, MSNBC news and events

What I gain:
- High def
- No cable bill: That's almost $10,000 over the course of a decade. And yes, I am old enough to think in those terms.


I still TiVo, because not all online shows/videos are captioned yet. : )


Strangest thing: I've never had a TiVo, and I'm still not even sure why I would need one.


I have a TIVO HD and a Comcast Box. I prefer the TIVO for the Suggestions but Comcast has better, easier to use features that I wish TIVO would look into.


i cancel my tivo because it cost like 14 bucks for the system alone and plus 50 bucks for cable and 16 bucks for netflix come on that not saving that bank rob in 20 secs. i hate tivo u can only record two shows and u can flip the channel when they are record. sorry tivo u stole my bank.


I'll never abandon TiVo. It's so easy and the features are terrific. They leave all the cable DVR's in the dust. Not enough shows are online now and even then, they only keep like 5 of the most recent. With my schedule the whole season ends up being recorded before I finally get around to watching them.


I think it depends a lot on what you watch. I love to watch a lot of PBS shows, Food Network, HGTV, etc., and most of those shows just aren't available online or through Netflix. I still have a Series 1 Tivo (with lifetime membership) and it's one of the best items I ever bought. (I replaced the hard drive but otherwise it still works perfectly.)


The "sports" argument is waning. Not over, but waning, as DirecTV just made their Sunday Ticket package available for viewing on PCs. I'm sure other sports will follow suit. The UFC recently started offering their PPVs online as well.


My Dish HD plan is cheaper than what i was paying monthly for standard tivo, plus now i can record 2 shows at a time.

Yes, shows are on hulu now as well and itunes, but I still prefer the TV experience.


Planning to cancel cable soon and then see if maintaining the TiVo is worth it, even if we'll only be getting over-the-air stations and the general Internet fare.

With product planned obsolescence, who could have known that lifetiming the S2 when I purchased it years and years ago would have been the right thing to do. Kicking myself but I have a feeling there will be something out there on sourceforge.net soon enough to make it easy to use an unserviced TiVo S2 rather than simply chucking it into the garbage.


My S2 TiVo croaked a few months back. I got a good few years out of the lifetime deal, so I'm happy. Instead of looking for a new TiVO, I decided to go with a FIOS DVR, which got me HD channels included in the price.

Wendy R

I just switched to DirectTV with a DVR, and gave up my TIvo becasue of that. I miss it terribly. The ability of TIVO to catch a program on any channel (DTV can't). I thought I'd hate the auto-suggest at first, but I actually loved it. Nothings on...oh look! Tivo caught that old ep of Venture Brothers!

As soon as Direct TV completes their deal with TIVO, I'm upggrading.


Well, you cancelled your service and I just joined up, so for Tivo it's a wash. The broadcast HDTV signals come in so well now over a regular antenna that I'm planning to cancel cable. The non-HDTV channels on my standard cable look pretty bad on our flat screen TVs now, so my choice was to pay a lot more per month to get the digital cable and DVR or simply do without the cable channels and go back to broadcast TV. I decided to get Tivo to replace my old Panasonic DVR that no longer got channels after the HDTV conversion. I have a Roku for one of my TVs, so the Tivo will give me Netflix on the other. I don't like paying the monthly fee for Tivo, but if I cancel the standard cable I'll save money.

foto stative

I have a comcast box and I like it since it has nice features. Also I like watching shows on iTunes. But, the experience is far from TV.


I just got DVTPal DVR. It only works for OTA, but records 2 stations at once. It costs $300(may be able to get for $250) and has no fees. Seems to be a good alternative.



When closed captions are available for every TV show streamed online, THEN we'll talk about ditching my TV/TiVo.


If you don't watch sports, what about all of the live events and specials, like the Emmys, the Oscars, presidential addresses, etc?

Also, you've already got another way to get streaming Netflix to your TV, but for those who don't, TiVo is pretty key hardware. Plus it can do Amazon VOD (formerly Unbox).


I can't stand the slowness of my S2! Seriously, what does tivo expect me to do, throw it away now that HD S3's are faster? Cmon, I really want to love this company, but instead of rewarding us for keeping old hardware (that I paid "lifetime" for), they try to force you to upgrade - no, you can't edit your todo list etc from your comp, you have to wait 30s between each key punch on the remote! Sorry, I can't afford to upgrade right now, esp. after spending big bucks on the thing in the first place. Besides the hairpulling slowness, I do love the product. I just wish I could brag about it all day (like I do with Google products) instead of stopping to think about the money/time/ulcer investment equation. I save $600/yr b/c of tivo, but how much will that ulcer cost me?


i have time warner cable motorola HD DVR. it really sucks. i hate this thing. i tried to record my cycling series but it does not let me. i have look ahead every couple of day and set to record. When i do watch a show and try to fast forward through the comercials it jumps to the end of the show and i have to replay the show again. I going to tivo, no question.


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