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I'd agree with the long tail, when members first join they want all those new releases but over time their interest in 'middle' and 'long' tail increases as they discover more titles...


"Anderson did his own analysis"

This chart has a mathematical defect. You can't compare trends based on a fixed unit of 500 top movies. As titles are added to the Netflix library, you will begin to see distortion that has nothing to do with demand. You have to use a percentage of top movies.

For example, if Netflix had 10 movies in their library and viewers were most interested in the top 5... and then Netflix added 10 more titles totaling 20, demand for the top 5 would appear to go down.

Edward R Murrow

What appears to be missing is a control group that could get all the New Releases that they wanted. I wonder what would happen to the 'long tail' for the New Releases control group?

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