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Eric Siegel, Ph.D.

Here's an interesting interview with the "Pragmatic" laymen sub-team that I published (if the URL link below is missing, find it on my Predictive Analytics World blog).

Casual Rocket Scientists:
An Interview with a Layman Leading the Netflix Prize, Martin Chabbert

A couple of non-analytical laymen launched a mission to win the Netflix Prize, arguably the most high profile analytical competition to date. And these "casual part-timers" have succeeded - they compose one of three teams that together won the Prize. Martin Chabbert provides a tell-all interview, advocating adept engineering over innovative science. Their work and this competition as a whole are so cutting-edge, they make the space race look like good ol' "Flash Gordon".

For the full article, see:


When are they going to let me rate movies with half stars? It's stupid for them to predict my rating as 3.2 if i can only rate it 3 or 4. And wouldn't it help them sinceIi would be giving them more accurate info?

dan gillotte

Have you all seen this story on boing boing about the unintended consequences of the second challenge?

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