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*Crosses fingers* Zune,Zune,Zune,Zune,Zune!


microsoft will just throw tons of money at them to keep it xbox exclusive.
trust me on that.
the xbox only support is one of the reasons i have ONLY an xbox... and other people that i know as well.


Sounds more like they're hoping for PS3 support than confirming it.


Agreed, Ewingo401.

Companies would like lots of things. I don't doubt Netflix has some oomph in the market, but the want alone doesn't make it so!

That said, I do hope one day to see their service more ubiquitous.


@steven - if Netflix comes to the iPhone / iTouch I'm MS will follow with Zune support.

Edward R Murrow

So if someone bought Sony, Nintendo or Apple stock based on Hasting's announcement and Netflix never delivers on the PS 3, Wii or iPhone platforms, and the stock didn't do well - is there some financial liability on the part of Netflix?

Executives that pre-announce product offerings suck!

J Doe

I would think it would be more likely that microsoft would just buy Netflix and keep them exclusive that way. It would be a perfect addition to their lineup since all they currently offer is Pay per view service on TV and movies.
Netflix could still offer their products on TV's and BluRay players but NO other consoles.
And as far as NFLX stock you could buy it today and still make money. There is a 30% short interest on the stock currently and when they beat the street next week I think it will have a nice pop. Already up 10% just in the last few weeks.
Can you say Short Squeeze.

ps3 yellow light of death

Looking forward to that, if only they could make bluray movie streaming too

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