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Luna Saisho

I'll be real honest... I don't care what people see what video's I'm renting. It's just not that big of a deal to me. If they can figure, out of 100 people, that I might be the one that rented The Little Mermaid, then that will not hurt me in any way.

I do understand privacy issues, but I don't understand this one as being a real problem.


People tend to overreact to just about everything. Netflix can know whatever it wants about me, and they can spread it, so long as it helps my recommendation system.


If someone doesn't like Netflix having your Date of Birth and your Gender, then just go to your Netflix Account page and change them. It's so simple.
However, Netflix has probably already built the sample dataset for their 2nd Prize, so it's probably too late. I'm glad I changed mine years ago.


Steve Swasey is a bullshit, lying piece of shit. He tries to put a positive spin on everything that Netflix wants to do, even when no one wants it done.

Swasey, If you ever told me that bullshit face to face I'd likely knock you on your ass.


Swasey, if you're offended by my previous post I want to tell you I'm sorry.

That is, I'm sorry that you've mistaken me for someone who gives a fcuk about what you think!


As you can see it's only the morons who seem to get so upset over something perfectly acceptable.

Thanks for that post, Tester. ;)



I'm not too sure I understand the meaning of your post. Please explain.

If you're offended by what I said let me offer to you that it was not directed toward any of the people here nor toward Netflix in general. It was directed toward Steve Swasey, personally.

Over the last year or so I have read his BS spin on some things that Netflix does which piss-off people. He spouts half-truths and lies which he expects us to take as gospel.

Just to let you know, I've been a Netflix customer for quite a few years and, in general, I am satisfied with them. Swasey, however can kiss my ass.


Another useless story about another non issue. How can a persons privacy be violated if that person is not "personally identified"?

All stories like this do is encourage the loonies to pop out of their bins.


Offended? I thanked you.



When you said "As you can see it's only the morons who seem to get so upset over something perfectly acceptable." I didn't know if you were being sarcastic or not because of my tirade against Swasey.


Netflix is one of the few companies I trust...

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