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Again, it seems no one cares!


God, I am getting sooooo tired of that way of singing. It actually has no soul.


Thank you for posting all the info on the Wizard of Oz event. I live in NYC - only a fifteen minute walk to the location in Central Park. I really wanted to attend, but I work 2nd shift, just started and can't take any days off for 3 months. Now I get to at least see some videos of it. I love J-Hud - God bless her heart. Can't wait to watch THE WIZARD OF OZ on Instant/Roku. I haven't seen it in years. And Oz'ing yourself is way fun. I love that stuff. Thanks again, Hacking Netflix!!!


I was one of the many that couldn't get in. It was fun though.


Hey that's me. Behind the guy with the red jacket! Does that means I'm famous? :)



Great voice but incredibly bad backup music.

She butchered it.

John C

It was just voice gymnastics, and not very good at that. I love the song, but would have walked out of this performance.


Hudson is dreadful. Truly, deeply dreadful.

Classically variations in an aria or song were shown in the second repetition of a Da Capo piece. That means that you sing it through the first time is the manner the composer originally intended. The second time through, in order to not bore the listener, you introduced variations. Hudson sings her truly schlocky stuff right from the first.

It is possible to do a good modern interpretation of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Manny Patinkin has a famous recording. The difference is that his version is respectful of the song, situation and style. Hudson just indulges herself with her ugly wailings. For her it's all about herself and to hell with the song.


Wow, that is godawful singing.

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I also second Genghis Blues. An interesting, introspective look at the state of a musician in decline until he discovers Tuvan throat singing and the people who help him.

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