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he'll get a year in jail, but that lady who shared 20 songs is still screwed for over 1 million dollars.... Court systems are all screwed up...

Dude, thats mail fraud, stealing from the post office, grand larceny and more, andhe'll only get a year... you get like 3 years for stealing a car! 3000 DVDs cost wayyyy more than a premium car....


Interesting that the plea values the 3,000 stolen DVDs at $36,471.

$12.15 per DVD. Wonder where they came up with that.


That bastard! Making our movies on long wait....

Thanks allot asshole! I say fry em! ;-)

Now we know why some new releases take forever....

Mr.  Nethead

I find it somewhat disturbing that this guy managed to steal 3000 DVDs before they caught him.


@Mr. Nethead They should consequently fire the security guard that was supposed to be watching the cameras at that processing center.

I've had a lot of my non-Netflix mail stolen, and the best thing to do is stay on them. Keep reporting it, until you get answers and you get help. I know for a fact that my local distribution center has or had an employee that was a huge fan of J.K. Rowling. Because for several years, every Entertainment Weekly I received that either featured her on the cover, or had an article about her, was stolen before it arrived at my home.

That is not coincidental... mail centers are rife with criminals... they just aren't being watched well enough at all.


I suppose if you walked miles through "snow, or rain, or sleet", you might be named Myles Weathers. And only a year's prison sentence shall keep this postman from his appointed rounds. (sorry) :-)



There shouldn't be any type of plea bargain. This ass-wipe should be charged with one count of theft for every disc he stole. His sentence(s) for each count he is found guilty of should run consecutively.


I forgot to mention that I wonder if the monetary loss to Netflix is going to be considered in the plea bargain? I know they put a set dollar amount on each disc but I don't think that covers all of Netflix's expenses.

It would seem that Netflix is taking quite a hit in the wallet to resend, and possibly replace, the missing discs. In addition they may have given an untold number of customers credits because of the missing discs.

To me it would be very unfair if all of that isn't taken into account.

john rose

I think that the guy should at least do more time then a year. He should also be required to reimburst netflix all monetary damages and should be banned from ever working a job requiring any money or package handling for life.


When I worked in the call center at Netflix I remember a lot of calls from customers not recieving their disks in the mail. Glad they caught the guy and it wasnt our fault.


I really hate postal workers that steal mail. I think I've only had one or two Netflix DVDs come up missing and I've been with them from the beginning.

But I've had things that I've ordered never arrive. I had an open package arrive once of a flash drive that I ordered. the packaging was there but the drive was missing and the top was ripped open and taped shut.

I also have a on-line retail business. I've had smaller items not arrive with the rest of the items in the Priority mail box that I use to ship my goods. I've resulted to taping the sides of the box shut so that my customers will at least know that someone has been in the box before it arrived to them.

And lets not even talk about Gamefly discs. I've had almost 6 of them show up missing in less then 4 months while I lived in one area.

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