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Wow, just wow. Truly one of the single most pathetic things I HAVE EVER SEEN. Are they seriously this desperate? Redbox is joke..

I'm not one to usually root for a big Hollywood studio, but I hope Fox, Warner and Universal kick the holy piss out of these scumbags.


Maybe I'm wrong but wouldn't any adverse decisions that the studios make also hurt netflix? I've never used redbox but it seems like an okay idea when you want new release movie immediately.



Wow..erg...redbox must have killed your mother or something. Anything that furthers competetion in the market is good for customers. So I'd rather not see Redbox get eaten alive (because NF will be next.)


Well, I don't quite understand vio's hatred toward Redbox, but given the injustices in the world I have a little trouble getting too riled up about a billion+ dollar company's fight against another billion+ dollar company. Coinstar should do what every other big company does; hire lobbyists and bribe our political "representatives" to do your bidding.



I found your previous post to be out of character for you. I hope everything is ok.


Red box is devaluing the entire movie industry and packaged media. In the end if redbox is not put in check with the broken business model they are using and $1 a day rentals we will all lose in the end.


This is just a publicity stunt to win in the court of public opinion because they know they are going to lose in court.


I don't think a few dollars more in rental fees is going to change renters into buyers. I think there are bigger issues involved, like the economy. Many previous buyers have discovered they don't watch the movie again, so why buy it?

And we are in a transition from DVD to BR, I am not going to buy a technology that will be obsolete in a few years and the premium on BR is not worth it to me. They have a right to charge more for BR if they want, but we all are exercising our right not to buy them. I think they could look at themselves more than Redbox. Redbox isn't really worth it to me because of the selection and inconvenience.

The only DVD's I want to buy are TV show box sets so I can watch them at my convenience, but they have to be priced low enough to make the purchase worth it for one viewing. Otherwise I rent or stream or don't buy them.


I've said it before and it's worth saying again. Hollywood just doesn't get it. They believe in getting the maximum profit from each and every sale. They don't know it but they set their prices above what the market will bear.

It's simple:
Make $5 profit on each sale and sell 100 DVDs = $500 profit;
Make $1 profit on each sale and sell 1,000 DVDs = $1,000 profit.

Devaluing of their product is not the problem -- that they OVER-value their product is.


Just got a ping from Mike on this so I thought I would stop by...

It's nice to see that most here realize that the studios made their own mess and are trying to blame Redbox for their problems. Just because Redbox uses a PR firm to create a website designed to get publicity for their cause doesn't mean they are wrong.

In any case, this is about consumers, not the courts. Why is it that music and movie studios just don't get it? I understand wanting to protect your business model, but when technology and consumer trends change this much, trying to keep things the same is just bad business.

I think frank22 and byteme both have very good points that the studios (and their few supporters) just don't - or don't want to - see. I know that I personally don't buy DVDs because they are now obsolete due to blu-ray, and I don't buy blu-ray because they are too expensive. Granted I wouldn't buy most movies anyway, but the few blockbusters that I like and want to watch more than a few times cost at least $30 on blu-ray.

Come on studios, can't you figure this out? Trying to increase prices is simply not going to get you back to your "glory days". It's time to create some value instead.


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