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Has anybody had trouble streaming via computer using the AOL browser? When I try to play a movie, it says that the browser is not supported.


I didn't think Dell was still a company. That's the most interesting bit of this story.


@Matt - If you look, the only supported browsers currently for the instant watch are IE and Firefox.


I stream to my xbox but I did not get an email. Did you have to be "in the process" of streaming when the outage happened? Otherwise, why did some get it and some don't?


Well, after posting, I went to NF and looked and my xbox is no longer listed. I had to reactivate it. Why? There was a xbox update for NF. Do we have to reactivate after every software update? PITA.

After activating it showed all the movies I had streamed already! So why the reactivation?


I was trying to watch a movie on my Xbox, but I couldn't even get Netflix to load. Later, I got an email like the one pictured, except I got 3% credit instead of 2. I wonder if that had to do with how long you kept trying to get it to work...


I haven't used IW since 8/29 and didn't even have the Xbox on that day and got the email.


I had been wondering why the Blockbuster site kept returning errors 2 nights ago. But it's certainly not finished and working, I just got:

404 Page Not Found

The page '/ci/no_script/search' was not found.

Clearly "quality control" was left off their site upgrade checklist.



My Xbox would occasionally delete itself too. It's not an update related thing, it's just something underlying with Netflix's archetechture.


I got the same e-mail. The 2% is sort of ridiculous as it only takes 25-50 cents off your bill depending on your plan.

refurbished computers

I didn't think Dell was still a company. That's the most interesting bit of this story.

cheap computers

I have seen nothing within the last few years to indicate that Apple is trying to drive down the price of computing for users. That is clearly something than many computer users would hope to see. I have seen Apple become a huge money machine.

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