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I think they need to sell a box with Reed Hastings inside. That way you could just plug it in at different companies and everything would work better.


Cool stuff…I love my Roku player…its still fairly limited but I bought it for potential more than anything. Its flawless when I can find something I want to watch which is admittedly only every few weeks. However…at the least I will never have to use blockbuster again when I want something right away thanks to the amazon stream.


I think Hastings made the better call to have the company stay with Services instead of both Services & Hardware. I never experienced good times trying to stream Netflix to PC/Laptop but I really liked the thought of getting on-demand video via Internet so when the Roku came out, I jumped on board. I've been extremely pleased with the Roku for Netflix & watching many games on (beta)MLB.TV however, when it comes to rental or purchase of content I've really enjoyed the PS3/PlaystationStore experience.

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