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I know my post office in a small town still has one.


I want a mail box for "good news" only.


I understand that the USPS must remain neutral and not give preferential treatment to any organization; however, it seems like it just makes sense for them to segregate certain types of mail for their own sake. I imagine that they get so much Netflix mail, that if it wasn't segregated, it would actually slow down mail service for everything else.

This remind me of way back, when I actually mailed a paper 1040 to the IRS. Every April, our post office would have a mailbox just for mail going to the IRS.


My small town has a Local and Everywhere Else drop box...


Mine in Connecticut has a handwritten sign of where to drop off your Netflix dvds (the same as the local mail).


I've never seen a special "Netflix Only" mail box. Didn't even know they existed. But, as others have pointed out, it does seem like it would make some sense to have one.


Our PO has one box labeled as flat packages (or something like that) and has a sign that says "Netflix, etc." and it's in NF red. So they aren't promoting NF, just directing where they want those particular pieces.


I wish! The mailbox at my apartment complex has a slot only big enough for small thin envelopes. My Netflix won't fit in it!


A downtown LA post office has a slot for Netflix (marked with a couple netflix envelopes)... but it's not restricted to ONLY Netflix. You can put other mail there as well, but they would like all Netflix to be placed in that slot.

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