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I would since I don't really rent all that many new releases from Netflix. Also if Netflix is getting their movies for cheaper they might lower prices (or invest that money into movie rights for on demand or just give it to their stockholders).


This would drive us back to the local Blockbuster store to rent new releases, which I really don't want to do. It would NOT have the result of making me buy more DVDs. What a terrible idea. I am much more likely to buy a DVD after I have rented it through Netflix.


@Miller: The local Blockbuster store wouldn't have the new releases during that time period either.

There is really very little down-side to this idea for the studios. For folks who aren't going to buy the discs instead, it just represents the release date being later and even then only marginally so. So if it gets anyone extra to buy a disc, and it will get a few to do so, then it's a win for the studios.

To prove a downside, you'd have to show that folks like us would be willing to simply do without entertainment as a result. That's exceedingly unlikely.


I don't really care. I'm not interested in new releases. I don't understand why people are so obsessed with them. If you really have to see the movie when it first comes out for some reason, watch it in the theater.


they can keep studios from selling movies to netflix, but hes right. if they do this, nothing can stop netflix from just going to walmart and buying the new releases. haha


Instead NF should just post a new release date when it is availble. This will not save dvd's.


I regularly get new releases but I have a big enough queue that I would not even notice if there was a delay on availability through netflix. Studios think that this will force people more towards buying the discs. I (personally) see this thinking as flawed. People are using these services so that they do not buy discs. So, I see this as just a delay and the public still will not be buying enough discs to make the studios happy.


I think the studios need to realize that more people are renting rather than buying because most movies aren't worth a purchase anymore. They all seem so iffy that I'd rather rent and watch them first before I decide to spend money on them. As a matter of fact I'm not sure I've ever purchased a movie I didn't watch first, either at the theater or through rental, unless it was really cheap.


Most movies are shite that come out nowadays and making me wait 3 weeks to watch it on dvd will not entice me to purchase instead.

Required Name

I would definitely wait. If I didn't see a release when it was out in the theater, then it's no big deal to wait a bit longer for the DVD.

David Grenier

The only thing that would bother me about this is having to listen to the histrionics of people who acted like this was worse than the hippies, flappers, and Nazis combined.

It may or may not help the studios, but it wouldn't affect me at all.


I don't see how this will make more people buy dvd's instead of renting them. I've only bought 2 dvd's this whole year for myself Paul Blart Mall Cop & Marley & Me) I would just wait the 3 weeks and rent them anyways. I think this is a stupid move on the movie studios part.


I watch new releases when they reach the top of my queue. Occasionally they get shuffled, but I rarely bother to move a new release to the top during its first few weeks. If you really can't wait for the rental release date then you should go to the theaters or go buy it.

With that said, unless this is a ploy to anger all movie fans the studios would do well to clearly advertise the rental release date. For example: "In stores Oct 27. Rent it Nov 9." Otherwise confused customers will get angry and Netflix and others will rightfully point the finger at the studios.


"I would definitely wait. If I didn't see a release when it was out in the theater, then it's no big deal to wait a bit longer for the DVD."

I agree. I would not run out and spend money I don't have/or care to spend on some movie I just want to watch once or twice.

Just another lame attempt by the studios.


This won't cause me to buy more movies. Sorry, MPAA.


I generally wait 3-6 months to get a new release DVD from netflix anyway. What difference does a few weeks make if I have already waited that long.

Vincent Wright

Fine with me. I didn't go see it in the theater so I can wait a little longer. I don't buy their over-priced movies anyway, nor do I regularly pay for their over-priced movie tickets.

Chris O.

This would definitely not cause me to buy more movies, I'm with Robert on that. Seeing as no one under US law can prevent Netflix from renting movies that they purchase from wherever they can get a copy, I don't see how Netflix has anything at all to worry about from this.


@Brian: You are not correct in thinking there is really very little down-side to this idea for the studios.

It will significantly increase other means, read downloading for free.

It is not going to result in more purchases except perhaps for poor quality children movies. If we rent a good kids movie, we buy it since the kids watch the film more than once. But we won't buy it without renting it first since half the kids movies are junk and sold at premium prices for the first month or so anyway.

My colleagues and friends are top of the income curve, acquisitive and early adopters and NONE of them buy dvds. Those that have them, indeed everyone I know that has them, has the non childrens titles collecting dust. $25 for a DVD is one month of netflix or blockbuster, it is an additional group of channels on their cable or sat.

When it comes to the delay, the studios are opening a huge impetus for "illegal" downloading wihci is a DEMAND driven phenomena that can;t be stopped except by decreasing demand. That is what they found in the far east and other places where they used to release films later. Doing so drove revenue DOWN since people are using downloads not primarily to save money, but often to see the film when first available on dvd.

Downloading a full SD 4GB film takes a couple of hours and half of college grads from the past 15 years know how to do it with ZERO risk. A blue ray quality is simple as downloading it overnight. The studios are retarded if they think they will do anything but cut their throats by attempting to manipulate a market that is smarter than they are.


If I waited 6 months because I didn't want to pay to see the movie in the theater... I'm pretty sure I can wait 3 more weeks.


All this will do is encourage more 'illegal' downloading. More people to leech from!

Steven Hoober

Doesn't bug me. And not a terrible plan, really, to get revenue. This is how that pricing works, you pay a premium to get something back. Now, you pay more to own the disk, but most folks don't watch it over and over, so there's no practical upside. Here, you are paying to get it early as well.


I already wait to get "new releases", in the sense that I don't go to the movie theater to watch the crap Hollywood puts out, except for maybe five or six movies a year. I'll only buy about the same number of DVD's. The rest I wait to watch on rented DVD/cable. Wait three or six more weeks? No problem. If the studios want to delay their revenue stream by that amount of time, that's their problem, not mine.


I'm usually fine with waiting to rent something. But if there's a movie that I'm really dying to see, and the studios tell me I can't rent it when it's released, then I'm just going to give them the digital finger and grab a copy some other way. *cough*

I have no problem paying for my movies; in fact, I much prefer to. But if you tell me that I'm going have to wait several months before I'm allowed to spend my money on something I'll watch once...well, you can kiss my money goodbye.


i agree with maubs, if studios pull this crap, people will just turn to bit-torrent.

Tom Wolper

The proposal seems to affect a small part of the public. Before going ballistic about this, I'd like to see some numbers: start with the number of Netflix rentals of a release in its first month. Then numbers to show whether a small cluster of members predominates or a relatively large number of members orders new releases. The final number, which I guess nobody knows, is how many would buy if renting were not an option.

My own experience is that I rarely add new movies to my queue, and when I do, it's at the bottom, so it's a number of months before I get them and they are no longer new. A 30 day window means nothing to me.


There is a trend away from movie theaters. There is a trend away from DVD purchases. This reminds me of King Canute ordering the tide to turn.

Five years ago many people collected DVDs (not me). Now we have Blu-ray discs at about triple the price of a DVD, and we have HD on cable TV and other streaming choices like Roku. I think fewer people today are building collections of thousands of Blu-ray discs. Certainly there is a reluctance to replace a premium "Star Wars" DVD with a Blu-ray disc.


I have 250+ discs in my netflix queue. By the time a new release floats to the top, it's a back catalog title anyway.


I'd be willing to wait. There's no thrill to watching a just-released-to-video DVD. If they delay it 3 weeks, then they delay it 3 weeks. No skin off my back.

I rarely buy DVD's anyways. For the cost of one DVD, I can be on Netflix's 3-at-a-time plan for a month.


Tom nails it. Waiting a "few" extra weeks means nothing. We have to wait for the moguls to release the dvd's as it is anyway. I have 500 queued selections and always have something to watch. This is going to backfire on Hollywood just as it has for a hundred years. Greed and the desire to control are the hallmarks of stupidity.


I agree with many of the other comments: this is just another act of desperation on the part of the studios. Delaying release to DVD or Blu-ray doesn't really make more people see a movie in the theater, and attempting to push back DVD rentals won't make more people buy the movie on disc. The internet is unequivocally the future of entertainment and they stubbornly refuse to accept that.

Unfortunately greed and the desire for control are actually hallmarks of humanity. It's just that some are in positions to make bigger and more obvious grasps at those two things than most.


I think it's funny that people are suggesting Netflix could just go to Walmart and buy the new releases so they can rent them. As if Netflix were some corner store renting movies over the counter.

How many copies of Batman or Harry Potter do you think Netflix has to purchase in order to satisfy customer demand? I really doubt it would be logistically or financially feasible for them to buy what they need from Walmart.

Not to mention I'm sure Netflix acquires its DVDs via fairly complex and legally-binding agreements with distributors and/or studios. I'm sure they get huge discounts for bulk orders and whatnot.

I don't think Netflix would put their business at risk by thumbing their nose the industry they depend on for all their income.

Regarding the delay I don't think I would even notice.


I don't see how I'd have much choice when it comes to waiting. There's a reason why I rent certain titles. I have no desire to pay $15 to $30 for a new DVD or Blu Ray movie that I might hate after ten minutes.

It's a great business model for the studios when they can get people to view movies that way.

I tend to have my doubts in a small delay window of 3 weeks. I suspect they're looking more along the lines of 3 months.

But that kind of thing won't make me rush out to buy every DVD I wish to watch. Just isn't how I do things. I'd end up saving money in the long run by gong to the theaters instead.

It's a movie I really have to love or it has to involve someone whose work I'm a huge fan of to get me to buy sight unseen.

That won't change at all because the studios think delaying my ability to rent will do the trick.


i'm fine with waiting.

it's amazing though that the studios fought home video, then with the help of video rental it became a large source of revenue. now we're scum for renting videos because they've run out of intuitive ways to squeze us for cash.


Of course I'd wait. Why would I ever buy something I only want to watch once?


My concern is this will just fuel those illegal type streaming websites usages.

I really wish there was a way to stop them, Id hate for netflix to take a hit finanacially because of those crappy illegal sites and folks who arent willing to pay for usage rights.

Not to mention the movie industry.

Im not opposed to waiting I just dont think people will shell out money to buy discs anymore then they normally would, especially in this economy.

They will convince themselves the streaming illegal type sites are legit tho' and use them.


I don't mind waiting the few extra weeks, I've already waited this long and it'll be on "very long wait" in my queue anyway. The studios may pull in a few extra dollars here and there, but most folks--especially in this economy and the ones that already buy on release--aren't going to spend the money just to see it immediately. I only buy DVDs of movies/shows I really, really love and will watch over and over. All the studios will do is create more ill will. Their loss.


I buy a movie after I've seen it. If I have to wait to see the movie, the more likely it will be priced lower at a retailer. Therefore, it would make sense for the movie companies to have rentals available at the time they are released for sale. I am willing to spend more if I like a movie I see. There are hundreds of thousands of movies already out there. I can wait a month or two if the movie studios want me to.


I think the reason DVD sales are down is because of blu-ray. A lot of people are hesitant to buy old technology(dvd) when new technology(blu-ray) is out and finally lowering in price.


i dont think thats fair at all.its forcing you as a consumer to buy the movie for 19.99 or more instead of renting the movie,so not right at all.in fact time warner cable has an awesome thing on there box .channel 801 that says movie rental,same dvd release which is so nice which means that dvd came out for rental that day,and for like 3.99 you can rent it.and now block buster got on the band wagon with that as wells,so if they put this crap in action .its not right,again there forcing you to buy a movie,which makes them so much more money.but just cause i rent a movie for 3.99 or more,does not mean i wouldnt buy the movie,so they are hurting them selfs in the long run..another way of being greedy...

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