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Forgive my complete newb-ness with this question, but.... will my pre-existing Netflix subscription and the purchase of this player then allow me to eliminate or almost eliminate the back and forth in the mail portion of how I currently use Netflix? Is it that easy, then, once hooked up and running, or are there still movies that I'll have to wait for in the mail? Most of my que is not currently "Play it now" designated. Thanks for the help-love that I found the site via a Yahoo article on the Blu-ray player!


Only a portion of Netflix's movies are available for instead streaming, regardless of which device/computer you use, so you'll still have to receive their non-streaming titles via DVD in the mail. Hope this helps.


Thanks for asking leafyd! I had the same question!


Thanks Ritch-I guess I'll wait on the player anyway with the renewed Wii rumors-we already have one in the house-hoping the technology works with non-HD Wii's.

Curtis Burga

I bought this player on Sunday, after returning a Samsung Bluray player I bought from Sam's (FYI, avoid the Samsung. Beaucoup problems right out of the box).

This player is great! The Netflix streams are acceptable on my 40 inch Toshiba 1080p. I realize that they are not going to be razor sharp, but they look much better than I expected (and, wierdly enough, better than on my PC!).

Sometimes, the screen formatting is a little wierd, and I have to adust for it (not sure if this is a player problem or a TV problem). But I have become a video junkie reborn since I bought this player.

Oh, and the Blu-Ray discs look great as well. Fast loading, easy to use interface. The regular DVD's look great, or as great as the original source material, anyway.


I bought the Insignia BluRay player with streaming Netflix and Pandora, and we love it. My husband and kids always find something to keep them entertained. A lot of my daughter's favorite cartoons are on there so I don't have to fill up our DVR with nicktoons!

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