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What Netflix pop-up ads?
You mean someone out there isn't using a pop-up blocker and/or AdBlock?


Sounds like someone has never heard of pop-up blockers. Never have seen a single pop-up on Netflix.


I don't use pop-up blockers myself, because I've never found one that blocks more ads than legit pop-ups. I'd rather close or two ads manually than have to keep enabling real sites to go through.

And on that note, Netflix ads seem to be the worst offenders. I've loved Get Fuzzy for years; this is just further proof of why.


Yeah, seriously, are you guys using ie 6 or what? I think it's time for an upgrade, how about you switch to firefox or chrome.


Pop-ups? Did I just enter a time machine into the nineties?


LOL'IN with all the rest. What is this thing you call a pop-up? There be this modern day dohickie called "FireFox" with these new fangled thingamabobs called "Plug-ins" specially one called Ad Blocker Plus...

Heck, this fuzy lumpkin even has that thar internet splorer 8 and du not see none them there pop ups...


I thought he was talking about the pop-up that happens when you rollover a title or something.

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Glad somebody said something. At what point do all of these pop-ups start hurting Netflix's brand perception? I mean surely at some point people will start association spammy ads with Netflix, right?

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