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Member of Netflix since January 2006, and have had 9 damaged discs in that time period. Of those 9, just had a cracked disc last month, which was the second damaged disc I've received this year. That's a pretty good batting average, I think. Overall, I'm very satisfied with my NF subscription - I live in Philadelphia and DVDs are shipped very fast. It's been a long time since a disc took more than one day to get to me from their shipping center in Southeastern, PA. And now they have Saturday shipping. Plan to add the Bluray option as soon as I get a Bluray player.


I doubt it is a coincidence, but I received a pretty scratched up dvd that should not have made it past the manual disc inspection phase. Hopefully their people aren't getting lazy.


No, never. But I dont use Blu-ray so...


I've received two clearly cracked standard DVDs in the past few months--thought it was just my postmaster. As of late, I'm receiving many more with scratches that interfere with playback.


Dude, how many times are you going to ask this question?


Yes, I recently received the same movie 3 times in a row with cracked discs. The first 2 came from St Louis and were cracked badly, unplayable. They switched to Chicago for the 3rd one, and it was cracked too but playable. I was unhappy with the slow shipment of replacements. For example when my queue said a replacement would be shipped on a particular day, it was delayed for 2 days before actual shipment.


Ive received 1 or 2 DVDs in the past unplayable but never a cracked one, and ive been using netflix for like 2 years now.


Member since November of 08 and I've never had a cracked or unplayable disc.

Gendo Ikari

I was an 8-at-once "problem subscriber" for about three years before the throttling got too bad and I called it quits.

Out of over 1,000 disks I had two that had to be reported as 'lost' (never made it back to base) and just one that was broken. I did receive a couple dozen that were pretty scratched up, but all but maybe two or three of those couldn't be polished out. (Most shipped out of their Harrisburg, PA distro.)

Though all DVDs. I wasn't around to play with their BluRay plan.


I've been experiencing the exact symptoms described and apparently it's a long standing problem with Blu-Ray disks. When I called Netflix to report a broken DVD for the 4th time in a row, they said that they were looking into new packaging for the disks because they are so fragile. After 3 months with the Blu-Ray service I have only received a working disk once on the first try. Since I never had a problem with normal DVD's, I've given up and downgraded my account. I'd rather see it lower resolution than not see it at all.


Since rejoining Netflix at the beginning of 11/09 I get two discs a week which are usually Blu-Ray and at least one disc is cracked each time. The first week both discs were cracked. I've never had a regular DVD crack with any service and no Blu-ray discs were cracked from Blockbuster. But I have to say Netflix is very quick to replace the disc and the replacements have been fine so far.

Steve Hillsdale

Netflix does not pay the post office for manual sortation of the discs. So the problem is that netflix is more concerned about costs than with customer satisfaction.


I joined Netflix in October 2009 and all was good when they shipped my discs from Bakersfield, which is closer to me. They changed my distribution center to Santa Ana in January 2010 and I've had 3 cracked discs in the last month. The cracked disc I just got today is to replace the last cracked one I got. :(


I got my first cracked disc today.... I am in Oklahoma. I wonder if one from Cali made its way here?


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