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I got one once or twice that dirty. Not often though. Occasionally there are some dark areas on the paper sticker.


I have had a few that were pretty gnarled. I can't say as I have had one as dirty as the one shown, but I have had a good portion of torn sleeves, usually around the area where the center core is.


Mine are always squeaky clean - especially ORPHAN - which I just watched - and now CAN'T SLEEP - it was AWESOME!!!


A drug sniffing dog smell drugs on a sleeve at airport. It contact tested for Methamphetamine. They made me leave the sleeve at airport. I now treat the sleeves like they have the plague and clean them thoroughly.


I think the real question is, "Why the heck were you getting anything by Jim Breuer??????"


They likely won't replace the sleeve unless the stain obscures the barcode, or unless the label is torn.


Its ironic the the title has the word "clean" in it.

The only bad ones I have recieved looked like someone used them for oragami.

Pear Head

You obviously haven't found the sleeve my two year old colored on... :)


I have never received a dirty sleeve.

That sleeve in the picture is disgusting.


I've never received anything that nasty but I do get pretty dirty ones on a fairly regular basis.


People are seriously complaining about this?
With all the things wrong in the world - people are actually bothering to care about this?

Steven Hoober

I have gotten worse. I have had BURNED sleeves (also ruined the disk). I am surprised they don't work a little harder on this. Not for us, but to avoid unreadable barcodes, some other processors check /how well/ the system read the barcode, and if not well, they kick it for replacement. That would incidentally keep the sleeves, on average, more clean I would think.

But I'll bet NF, at this volume, is pretty good at finding efficiencies.


I've gotten some worn ones, but none with a chocolate starfish imprint like that one.


I average 4 discs a week. About 40% of them are pretty grotty. I've always considered it the price of doing business. Lately (in the last 6 weeks) I have had two occasions where the disc has rubbed completely through the inner sleeve. Not a good sign. The next time I'll take a picture. Never thought anybody else would care. Cheers.


Sure, I see dirty sleeves all the time.

Never occurred to me that someone would think it was worth complaining about.

Do you get outraged if there are blemishes on your Blockbuster video cases, too?


looks like someone spilled dirty bong water on it

Tim S.

I just reviewed all my Famous Chicken Theatre photos and couldn't find any that look as grimey as the one pictured above.


All of my sleeves are pretty clean. One thing that DOES bother me about the sleeves, though, is that I don't really need a description of the film on the sleeve since I've already added that movie to my queue and I know what the film is about. Sometimes there are even minor spoilers on the sleeve. I would like to see a list of credits on the sleeve, like director, director of cinematography, score, actors, studio, screen format, audio format, along with the usual running time, year and rating info.



"People are seriously complaining about this?"

I was thinking the same thing. All of the people here who are bitching about this seriously need to get a life.



"Never occurred to me that someone would think it was worth complaining about.

Do you get outraged if there are blemishes on your Blockbuster video cases, too?"

No only do they get outraged over that, they also throw a hissy-fit at the Post Office if the envelopes their mail comes in aren't in pristine condition.

Sock Puppet

Darn! Now that someone is getting upset about this... I guess I will have to stop using my sleeves as coasters!


Really, I'd be surprised if a DVD featuring Jim "Goat Boy" Breuer WASN'T stained and nasty-looking.

I think the content is more disturbing than the sleeve.

Marshall K.

I guess I'm spoiled renting Blu Rays. The sleeves all look brand new. I must be about the only one in my area actually renting the things.


I've gotten a few slightly dirty ones, I never noticed, UNTILL NOW! Dirt is one thing, but I bet viruses and germs are passed around on those too! Yup, Bet ya didnt think about that.....


I've received many discs in dirty sleeves. None of them were bad enough to complain about, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to replace them every once in a while.

The last thing I want to do is add more waste (ie disposable sleeves) but if the post about the meth residue and the airport drug dog is true that might make me rethink my position.

In any case given how many people touch these discs, it is probably not a bad idea to touch them as little as possible.

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