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In my opinion, $10 for Hulu is reasonable as a price for the service, but it will not help the current customer base (we're addicted to free watching after all).


I'm confused, they say we don't apprieciate the value of what we're getting? I believe that's CEO double speak for "we're going to shove charges down your throat." If a Hulu subscription just becomes "pay for what you get for free now." It's going to flop big time. Hulu has enough problems getting shows quick enough and keeping them around reliably to move to a paid model. If the subscription can get you shows 24 hours after air and access to the complete back catalog of shows, maybe it'll work.

John Anealio

I might be willing to pay for a Hulu subscription if it was commercial free, had more content, and most importantly became available for the Roku player.


I'm liking these points so far:

If we get charged, there BETTER be:

1. No ads.
2. More episode availability:Back catalogs, 24 hours, etc.
3. and NO ADS.

....I'm dreaming.


We dropped our $100 cable bill for NetFlix downloads, Hulu and the like. If Hulu started charging us, it wouldn't be the end of the world. I'd prefer something like $25/year, rather than a monthly charge. But I'd expect it to be commercial free if I paid.

Having Hulu on the Roku player would be fantastic.

I wrote an article about how we made the switch if anyone is interested.


I *already* dropped my $100 cable bill in favor of $10 Netflix and $0 Hulu delivered through Plex on my laptop. With a pay wall I'd probably drop Hulu and time shift everything by 8-12 months and wait for it on Netflix. I'd pay for HBO and Showtime content but not basic network programming.

Idaho Dad

What does he mean, "it's time to start getting paid for broadcast content online"???

Who gets the money from all those ads I sit and watch on Hulu?

Going to a subscription service will mean I'll just go back to how we watched TV a few years ago, before Hulu... Wait for the DVDs to come out, and rent them from Netflix.

John Tierney

To get me to pay for Hulu:

1: no commercials
2: 720p minimum
3: drop the only on a PC mentality - Hulu can run on BD players, media players, etc.


It's the crack dealer modus operandi: offer the initial hit for free, get you hooked, and then start charging. Unfortunately for the TV execs, overcoming the Hulu habit will prove much easier than drug addiction. The service will fail.


Absolutely I'd pay $5-10/month for commercial-free, HD Hulu. Some of the requirements to make it truly compelling:

* No advertisements. Seriously, none. If I'm paying I expect a Netflix-like experience.
* Additional software and support for devices. Netflix does this, but I haven't seen a native Hulu app for the PS3 or any of the Netflix players. An iPhone app that caches video for offline viewing would be awesome too.
* Extended life on video -- a lot of shows are only available for 30-60 days or whatever after airing; premium subscribers should get at least 90 days.

Additionally, premium content for paying customers would be great, but overall I'm pretty happy with Hulu.


Additionally, better HD support would be great, but I neglected to mention that I mean flat-rate subscription, i.e. $10/month or whatever. I don't want to rent shows ala carte like iTunes' stupid model.

And, one more time, NO ADS!


Although everyone who has posted is describing the only right way for Hulu to move to subscriptions, keep in mind that these Hollywood execs still believe that THEY get to dictate how we consume their programming. It'll never happen. The charges will come, the ads will stay, the audience will leave. Then they'll go back to doing what they do best: complaining that the "pirates" ruined their business model.


I have no problem paying for Hulu.

It seems like the current cable TV system is grossly outdated. We have to pay for 100 channels, just to get the half dozen I want to watch.

I'd rather cut out the middle men (Comcast) and buy what I want directly from the networks.


In order for this to work hulu would have to add programming that isnt available for free all ready. I can go to any of the network sites and watch the shows for free not to mention the bulk of there programs are free ota. If they want to start charging they need content from hbo, showtime, and many others plus they need to beef up there movie catalog.
To all who say they would pay 10$ for hulu withought ads, they are living in a dream land. There is no way they are going to ditch there ads for 10$ a month from users, they would make less money then they do allready.
I dumpe my cable bill last november when my plant closed and it was only 40 a month. I will not be using hulu if they decide to start charging, I have an antenna so theres 90% of there programming. I also have the internet so the channel websites are accessible, theres 9% of there programming. all that leaves is the movies, wait I dont watch them anyway and if I wanted movies I could just use the 9$ a month netflix and have all the movies I want streamed to my tv.
Hulu going to a pay subscription service = bankrupcy

Fred Fredrickson

I'd pay if I could get hulu on the roku, otherwise I just can't imagine caring enough. I used to rent tv shows on DVD, and I can do it again.

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