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These Blu-ray players may very well "carry the seeds of their own destruction."

Presumably someone eho buys this doesn't have a lot of money or else he would buy something more expensive. He will probably rent Blu-ray discs from NetFlix and watch NetFlix Roku WI streaming movies in HD.

People with 40" flat screens and limited sound systems are not likely to see much difference. So except for those with elaborate HTs the Roku connection may come to dominate how these BD players are used.


This advertisement/coupon is a bit deceptive. If you look at the fine print closely, it's only available for two particular Insignia Blu-ray players (SKU# 9386103 and 9386112).

The ad clearly states "Pricing starting at $99.99 after $50 coupon is applied." Both of these players are nowhere near the price of $99.99 after the $50 coupon has been applied. The cheapest one will be SKU# 9386112 for the price of about $130 (not including sales tax). If you ask me, this is a prime example of false advertisement!


EJ - you're right, the ad clearly states "pricing STARTING at..."

That price is for RewardZone members. If you just hit up the BB website and do an SKU search, you're not going to find the best price. Some people over at AVSForum have been talking about it. It's not false advertising; they're just trying to make sure they have as many RZ customers as possible.


I think this is fantastic. I said I wouldn't buy a Blue-Ray player until it reached $150 and if one or both of them have DSL Inputs I will definitely go for it. I am happy to say I have another netflix envelope coming to me so I can use that to get this. Even if it doesn't have a DSL connection I will get the WiFi for the auto updates on it. As for streaming movies over WiFi... I will use my Roku player because the DSL Cable will give a faster signal and allow me to see a higher quality movie.


I was like Bill Slavin - waiting for the price to drop. In my case it was was for under $200. Bill should check Amazon. I got my Panny BD60 for $162. It may go lower.

The BD60 is a well reviewed major brand which does connect to the Internet. However it has YouTube not NetFlix. I, like Bill, already have a Roku box so the NetFlix facility adds nothing.


I just got a disc in the mail today and NO COUPON. I guess they are planning to send them after they expire.


I just bought the Wi-Fi Connected one for $200 with a 2 year warranty and sales tax and all. Going to post review tommorow.


I got my coupon and starting checking reviews. Folks at slickdeals are saying they had to twist some arms at Best Buy to get the $99 price. But since it's netflix enabled, sounds like a good deal, but then again, Black Friday is just around the corner, maybe I'll wait.


lol no coupon watch it i'll get it after the expiration date


FOUR discs this week and NO COUPON


I got my coupon in the mail this week and used it yesterday! It really WAS 99.99!!!! I was so stoked! It works very well! I think it's a much better deal than the Roku!

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