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I have only lost about 16 dvd’s in seven years of NF and they were all within the same three week time span. Funny how it stopped instantly once I called the post office and complained of theft. Maybe one more along the way has been lost but I can’t remember.


I had my car broken into at work not too long ago, and other then the cell phone charger that was stolen, was three unopened Netflix discs. I called Netflix and reported this, (of course the police as well). However two weeks later all three movies were returned to Netflix as being sent it. What a nice thief I had!

Ed T.

Banter - I've had a similar experience. I've been with NF for about 5 or 6 years and have only 'lost' three DVDs, but they were all in a month's span of time...

Perkins Cobb

Well, now you know precisely how many discs you can keep without getting flagged as a suspicious account.


Sometimes Netflix loses DVDs internally as when I shipped two in one envelope and never received return confirmation for one of the two DVDs included in the envelope I sent.

Stephen Worth

I was on an 8 out plan and always returned the discs to the post office drive through mailbox. A total of 12 discs were lost in two batches, and Netflix deactivated my account. I'm pretty sure that Netflix lost the discs, not the post office, but there is no way to trace that. Now I am with Blockbuster, and I can drop my envelopes off at the store and get them to check them in right in front of me.

Vern Padgett

I've never had a disc lost. Maybe in 1000 rentals. .997 returns would mean I should have had 3 lost, but instead of 3, zero. I always say nice things to my letter carrier.


These rates aren't comparable though. GF is reporting a breakage rate. IIRC Netflix has you send back broken discs anyway. So FF wouldn't see them as lost.


Didn't I recently read that the USPS could make GameFly happier with less breakage and/or lost discs if they would only redesign their packaging?


I've only ever had two "lost" discs. Both were lost within a week of each other and both were eventually logged into the system as returned long after I reported them.

I'm guessing they were just misplaced at the post office or at a Netflix warehouse, only to turn up randomly at some later date.

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