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I took a USPS survey recently asking how removing Saturday delivery and pickup would change my company's package shipping. Isn't it interesting how Netflix completes the roll out of Saturday processing at the same time the USPS is considering removing Saturday delivery? There was no indication in the survey whether business services would be open even if there was no delivery. There are a lot of postal holidays where business services are open for bulk pickup from PO Boxes and bulk mail drop-off.

The fewer delivery days would certainly help the bottom line when it comes to the people who flip discs as fast as they get them. Maybe it will push more people to Watch Now.


Compilation is wrong about the Post Office. The USPS operates under a number of constraints that have nothing to do with worker's work habits, automation or management aptitude.

Private companies won't sell services to those who can't afford them. Nor will it sell its services at less than cost to favored customers.

He of course is quiet right about Watch Instantly. After FTTH arrives who will want rental discs mailed to them?


Well they aren't doing a very good job then! I sent a broken disc back, reported it at around 7:30 am on Friday & immediately put it in the mail, said it would ship out, friday afternoon my queue said 'shipping saturday' and then ON SATURDAY it changed to 'shipping monday' which is just BS. If they were actually doing work on saturdays you'd think the DVD's would actually get shipped out.

Tom Shumaker

They ARE NOT shipping from Gaithersberg, MD on Saturdays.


I am usually covered by Gaithersberg, MD but I got a Saturday processed DVD on Monday with a return address of Sterling, VA.

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