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Is Microsoft actually saying that we will need a membership to stream Netflix through the PS3 even w/the disc and an existing Netflix membership?

Chris Jones

@John These 2 points are completely unrelated. Microsoft has nothing to do with the PS3.

Anyway, I thought a Gold membership was already a requirement? I can't even access the Netflix app without being signed in with my Gold account...


As a PS3 owner (and Roku) I am extremely pleased with this news, not that I watch much of Netflix streaming content. More options without more cost is always a good thing.


@Chris Jones,
Gold is a requirement. I think the idea was that since PS3 streaming is "free" (compared to Xbox) that MS would drop said requirement.
Having effectively beaten sony I don't see MS doing that though.

Account Deleted

Awesome I have been hoping this was coming to the PS3. One question though, why not simply have an application that can be downloaded from the PSN store? Instead of having to a disc in all the time?


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Netflix is a solid company -- I'm sure they have some good reasoning behind that. It's very possibly due to their current agreement with Microsoft and the streaming through the XBox.

Fortunately, they're planning a XMB interface sometime next year. I just hope it's early in the year... but I'd rather have to use a disc now, than wait more!


since i have a netflix account and my friends don't, what's to prevent me from burning a blu-ray disc for my friends and letting them log into my account for free streaming from her abode? or even simpler, tell netflix that the dvd is busted and i need another one which i then give to a friend? the hacking possibilities are endless and sound like fun.


Better make sure that they are good friends since your credit card is associated with the account. And when Netflix CS calls and asks you how it is possible that you are watching 10 movies at the same time, you will say ... ??

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