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might be good...I'll be checking this out.


OK, The Wizard of Oz for the kiddies and now this thing for the psycopaths. How about free content for normals?


Sounds really derivative. Looks like Freddy Kruger's poor cousin. Oh, and starring Corey Feldman! Yeah, I'll have many better things to watch.


What is this socialism? So we pay for all the programs, (mail, and streaming), and others who don't subscribe can just view things for free? How is this fair? When they start airing these, I'm contacting Netflix and asking for those days free, or I'm dropping this service like a bad habbit.


@ Leroy

Its called marketing and promotion. They are showing their products so to attract them to join the service. If they like what they see, they will join. If they can attract others, this will inturn keep prices down. Don't you understad it....Socialism HA, more like smart Capitalism! Give me a break!
Crawl back under your rock Mouth breather.

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