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Now if Netflix would had more recent tv shows and newer movies to IW side, or if the roku player had hulu on it. I would dump most of my cable just keep the basic so I can get the local stations. I would save so much money if I caacnelled most of my cable tv.


Christopher, have you noticed that over that last few years that Cable (at least Comcast here) has been jacking up the Basic Cable rates - so much so that it's literally the same as the low-end Digital Package. I think Cable knows what we're thinking and has already countermoved so that the low-priced Basic Cable option is gone.


After a little more research thanks to Google, it seems if people want the cheapest, local-only Cable they will have to directly contact the Cable Co in there area and use the phrase "Limited Basic" when asking for the product. It appears that it will get you the locals-only around the $20 range depending on the Cable Co & availability.

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