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I go through 6 movies a week and I didn't get a coupon.

Larry Pfister

i received 3 netflix movies this week, bu didn't get a coupon.


If you didn't get a coupon, I would expect to see more offers for $99 and $149 Blu-ray players towards the holidays. BestBuy ran a similar promotion for their Reward members. - Mike


This inexpensive Blu-Ray/Netflix player presents an interesting quandary for other manufacturers. Is higher quality enough to justify the higher cost of other players or will people flock to a cheap player like this one? I think a larger question is whether or not Blu-Ray has a future especially since this unit in addition to the Roku box support HD streaming. I'm looking at replacing my current DVD player simply out of age and performance issues. I know I want to get a Roku box, but do I get a cheap upscaling DVD player or do I actually get a Blu-Ray player? I'm not a big fan of Best Buy so I didn't use the coupon that came with my discs earlier in the week.


This is not good for Roku. But it's very good for Netflix.


I got a Panasonic Blu-ray player for $162. It has top rated Blu-ray play back and DVD upscaling. It has YouTube, Amazon and some other Internet services but no NetFlix at least yet. But I already have a Roku box.

No regrets.

David G.

I bought this very player just last week. It's my first blu-ray player, and I was motivated by the coupon that came with my netflix discs to get it for the wireless netflix streaming. It works great! I've been able to stream netflix on my mac for a while, but I never really took advantage of it because the (seemingly trivial) effort of hooking up the laptop to the tv was enought to keep lazy-old-me from ever really using the streaming service. Now that it's just a few button-presses on my blu-ray remote away, I use the netflix streaming all the time. And a (netflix) rented Planet Earth Blu-ray disc looks beautiful on my HDTV. AT ~$164 (including CA sales tax), this was a MAJOR value to get the netflix streaming box and a blu-ray player.

David G.

Oh, by the way, the reaction from Roku has apparently already come: Instead of $99, Roku players are now $79, according to netflix.com.

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I bought one of the Insignia netflix bluray players, and was a bit ticked to find that it will not play netflix in HD, only SD. Bluray titles play fine in HD, and standard DVDs are up converted to 1080, but netflix is stuck at 480 resolution. That is a big problem IMHO.

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