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This is NOT the first netflix streaming device that supports 802.11N out of the box, that honor goes to the far superior (in my opinion, due to it's support for local media streaming, vudu hdx streaming, and awesome blu ray performance) LG BD-390


My mistake, and the story has been fixed. Sorry! - Mike


I don't understand the $80 version with composite video. If I had only a 19" CRT TV I would still buy the $100 model. All TVs are now digital (sort of). I would expect to sell my 19" set sooner or later and buy something like a 32" or 40" flat screen LCD set. Such sets are available for under $300 on Craig's List. Many if not most of these sets connect through HDMI.

People with a NetFlix account presumably watch DVDs and DVDs look much better with an HDMI or component hook up.

The NetFlix streaming HD has better video quality than a DVD, Even the more recent non-HD streaming films sre now very good.

The Roku box more or less requires a fast ethernet connection. What kind of consumer invests in a DVD player and fast IP hook up but only has composite video?


I wonder if Roku is thinking of adding the OnLive streaming video game service set to launch this winter (www.OnLive.com)?

It may explain the USB ports. I know OnLive had planned to introduce a MicroConsole and this would give them an existing installed audience...


That's really awesome, giving users the choice. Roku gives, gives and gives some more, so I think it's fair that we should pay for these new channels. They've made an excellent device, and kept it updated (as well as fixed bugs in a timely manner).


Will the Roku channel store only be available on Roku/Netflix streaming devices? Based on the name, it kind of seems like it.

John Tierney

Hmmmm. I see no mention of new Audio codec support. That's been one of the main things holding me back. That and poor video quality.


The DVP is very good and idiot-proof, it does exactly what they say it does, no major glitches, software updated, but don't expect a lot of features to be added or Roku to followup on their forward-looking announcements.

Good luck with that channel store concept! Never buy technology based on promises of tomorrow. Roku has been promising vapor (an SDK and additional channels) for over a year. The two current additional channels could be called wisps of steam as they are nothing amazing (a pay-but-beta service of MLB games, and Amazon VoD which is kinda expensive compared to NetFlix).

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