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Great. More stuff we don't care about, have never heard of before, and won't be watching just because it's on the Roku player. Sorry for such a cynical attitude, but I'm getting tired of holding my breathe for Hulu, Youtube, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Aol's In2TV, or ANY other network which might have some decent TV shows, which is one area that the Roku player is still sorely lacking in. Don't get me wrong though still love the box. . .


Ditto. I have only touched the Amazon channel once when I couldn't wait to download/watch the Battlestar Galactica finale. Otherwise, I've only watched a handful of their boring free content, and I certainly haven't signed up for the MLB channel. Let's get some POPULAR services on this box that don't require additional charges. I got Netflix to eliminate all the money I was wasting on my cable bill, but if I have to sign up for all this other content I may as well go back to cable!


What Steve said!!! I agree. I just hope they give us a way to not display the stuff that I don't care about, have never heard of, and won't be watching.

Dear Roku, you are now giving me reason to NOT buy another box. I love the box too, but you are messing up.


how exactly are they messing up?

I don't have a box, (i use an xbox) but i was going to get a roku box for my girlfriend this christmas. And I'm thrilled they've updated it, even just a little.

It's an update to a box that's older and slower, without wireless. They haven't really made an announcement about it yet either. It could be able to act as a media extender, or just allow for it to play networked files, which would be awesome.

You can be as mad at them as you want for not having Hulu, but it's not them, it's the content owners. And it doesn't look like Hulu will be on anyone's media player in the near future.

They don't need to give you another reason to buy another box, they can expand their base by updating their box and having new people buy it, all the while adding content that a little by little adds the few die hard fans of that content. Imagine how many people have a roku.....not many, there are plenty of people still looking to jump on. And a built in Wireless card, is a great feature people can connect with.

I think they're doing almost everything right, and i think you guys have outlandish expectations for a $99.00 tiny little box


Tyler: the original roku has wireless - they are simply upgrading it to allow faster speeds if you have a newer router.


It's not clear in these announcements if the new channels are somehow tied to the new hardware. My Roku is attached with an ethernet cable so I can't see why I would need to upgrade. I think my original Roku will also get these new channels. Am I wrong?

I have a new big screen projector (Mitsu 1600). I bought this 720p machine partly because it was so cheap (one third a comparable 1080 model) and partly because it was a good match for Roku HD. Since then I have bought a Blu-ray player so I'm getting 1080p source material now to go along with the 1080i I get from Comcast HD cable and the 720p I get from Roku/NetFlix. Frankly I can't see much in the way of screen resolution differences. But if Roku/NetFlix starts to narrowcast in 1080 on this new box, that would be fine with me. I doubt however if I would upgrade just for that. However Roku/NetFlix Watch Instantly films only have stereo sound and no subtitles. I prefer Comcast HD and Blu-ray disks because the Dolby 5.1 sound adds so much on big action movies. I like the Guy Ritchie movies but I can't follow the dialog because of the accents. I need subtitles.

As for the complaints about the new content, calm down. The streaming content is becoming like web content. There will soon be more channels than anyone can posssibly watch just as there are more web pages than anyone can view.


Is the Roku box physically/technically capable of being a Windows Media Center Extender? (with the appropriate software, of course)

Isaac Church

The new content channels are free and the quality of the shows is very high. Just because you haven't heard of them before doesn't mean they aren't good. It just means you haven't seen them yet. Try to have an open mind. Obviously you can ignore them if you choose, but it will be your loss.

What I really hope for is 1080p 24/60 fps support in the new model, along with smb share support over the network, and the connection of USB sticks/hard drives for easily transporting content around. This would pretty much make it the top dog video device in every category.

As far as Hulu is concerned... They better get a content deal with SOMEBODY or the service will simply die and go away as they are eclipsed by other services which actually give people what they want.


Very excited about TWiT and Revision coming to the big screen via the Roku...


I am happy they are adding more channels. I am hoping I won't have to buy another roku to get them. I just bought mine less than 6 months ago. I plan on looking into the so called new channels they have on that screen shot to see what they have to offer. So far the only one I don't use is MLB.


I own the current Roku box and I love it. If I'm tempted by the new device, I'll move the other into the guest room. I gave up cable as a limited experiment 9 months ago and I really haven't missed too much. Most of my cable selection seemed eaten up with infomercials and reality shows.

Hulu *can* be awesome if they work on making that interface nicer. On the Roku, I'm not sure it would make too much impact, although Roku would probably present hulu in a better menuing system. I'm holding off on a dvd player at the moment, waiting on the dust to settle, but for the original $99 I paid for the Roku box, I have more than recouped against the absence of the cable bill. I prefer the "a la carte" opportunity Roku and Netflix are delivering.

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