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Yes I am interested in streaming and no I'm not in a hurry to fork cash over for the Wii HD yet. In a few years? Maybe....

It's not freaking hard to add a Netflix channel either or provide a disc till the 360 contract runs out.

I'll buy another Roku before I get a Wii HD.


if they announce that this will be WiiHD only, we're buying a Roku for our household.

i wouldn't mind buying the streaming software from nintendo via wiiware, for 20 to an absolute maximum 40 USD - but absolutely will not be buying WiiHD for Netflix streaming.


I'd love streaming for the WiI! and I'd pay a one time fee, but no way I'm buying a wii HD.


Netflix and Reed Hastings = awesome. What else can you say???


I can stand the video quality of the Wii for the types of video games that are on the Wii...

But I don't think I'd be able to stand watching 480i TV and Movies. Standard definition cable television is basically 480i, right? And I avoid that whenever possible. Since I have a PC hooked up to my TV, I would just go that route. If only they would allow HD streaming from PCs...


Wow, I'm surprised to see all the hate for a high def Wii system. I, for one, would welcome it with open arms.


Bring streaming to the Wii...Alot of people I know are asking for it!


I'd be VERY disappointed if this was available on Wii HD only. I would get some other consumer hardware (like a Blu-ray with Netflix streaming) before I bought a Wii HD.

It's not that I'm necessarily against Wii HD but I wouldn't reap the benefits since we don't have any HD TVs in our house. We just bought a couple of converters and put them on our existing TVs. What would be the point in getting an HD Wii other than for Netflix streaming.


I have a techincal question about streaming to the Wii: Will all the movie characters have big cartoon heads?





Have a Roku upstairs and a Wii downstairs. I'd pay a one time fee for netflix on the Wii, but won't buy a WiiHD. It's good for shooting and golf games and that's it.


I would like Netflix to get rid of the requirement for "Gold" membership for the 360. But for the Wii, it sure wouldn't hurt! I won't buy another player for the kids so hopefully this would'nt be limited to some new HD Wii that will come out in the future.

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