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I thought it was a pretty good episode, especially when someone tries to make another person sing at the end :P

I also like being able to have a say in who dies next. I picked the guy with the dumbest name.


I'm enjoying the Twitter chat with Feldman, he's responded to my comments twice now :)

Hopefully a lot of non-Netflix subscribers will check this webseries out.

Davis Freeberg

The scene in the phone booth looked a little cheesy, but I loved seeing how Cory makes the best use out of his DVDs. I voted for Spencer Pope to go next because he's the biggest guy and I want to see how they take him out.


It is a shame that there does not seem to be a way to add this to my instant queue so I can watch it on Tivo.

marc jones

Why is netflix shutting out its subscribers who use set top boxes? It seems to be arbitrary and causes negative vibes in its loyal customers.


I thought it was awful, and painful to watch. The only saving grace was being able to vote on who dies next.


I am annoyed because I can't stream it through my Roku. If I wanted to watch things on my computer, I woudn't own a Roku.

Netflix needs to allow this to be streamed through the set top boxes!


Can't watch. Won't buffer correctly. It's not my computer or DSL because I can stream Netflix movies (when signed in) no problem.


@ShawnM I had some annoying popping & glitching when I hit play, and didn't let it fully buffer (from what I could tell). The video played all the way through for me, but it was definitely not up to Netflix's usual standards.


Watched, but couldn't vote, maybe it was too late? Played very well on Firefox (that's a switch), but popped and gitched on IE.


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It's definitely more comedy than horror. Who is the guy that plays Mortis? He's cute and looks familiar!

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