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I was hoping it'd be like Apple does... "We are coming to the PS3. As a matter of fact, turn on your PS3 right now, and see what the heck happens, because I'm pretty sure we're already on it - SHABOOOM!$!"

"...the discs won't work with "The Stuffer" so the discs are being manually processed."

I don't know why, but this has me excited. It's going to be weird to get something other than a video from Netflix :)

Jason Castillo

Huzzah!!! This is FANTASTIC NEWS! I want it now!


i have a ps3 and a netflix subscription so what does this mean to me? call me dumb but i dont get it. i hope one day i can stream netflix thru my ps3 or can i already. last i knew the ps3 didnt it would be nice htough


@paul Where have you been?


You can reserve the disc here...



Great news to finally get streaming Netflix on my PS3, now my PS3 actually CAN do "EVERYTHING"!


YES FINALLY! I've been waiting for this, good thing I didn't broke down and bought the playon software.


i bought the playon software like a sucker (when it was on 50% off sale thanks to a PAX code) but I think I'll still be using PlayOn for Hulu (till that goes paid in 2010) and to stream netflix and hulu on my Xbox 1 and Wii.


Is this source trustable?

If they are announcing the truth, discs should start shipping tomorrow!!! :)

I own a PS3 and I'm a NetFlix member since 2007, almost bought a XBOX360 and now can't wait to have NetFlix in my beloved PS3.


Seems like they will be shipping soon. Either late today, early tomorrow?! Seems like it will only recognize your queue so you will have to physically add from your computer or xbox device.

"Now add movies to your instant Queue.
They'll appear automatically on your TV when you use your instant streaming disc."

I have an xbox and ps3, I ordered a disc to see the difference. I know a lot of people are excited to be able to get rid of their live service, but that won't be happening here. I love live!


^ Nevermind sorry for the last post. I just found an article stating that it will be about the same as xbox.

"Can users search the entire Netflix streaming library from the PS3? (On Xbox 360, browsing is currently limited to 100-movie categories.)

Similar to Xbox, subscribers can search lists of movies in categories such as New Releases, Drama, Action, Comedy, etc., and will have access to the entire library available to watch instantly."

Source: http://www.joystiq.com/2009/10/26/netflix-ps3-disc-must-remain-in-system-until-2010-update/


Disc Arrives tomorrow!!!! Check your status on netflix.com go to instant watching -> Instantly to your tv -> Instant Devices -> Find out more(PS3) -> Click to activate! It will show a shipping date for you!

The Turnip

Same here - I just got the email that says: "For Fri: Instant Streaming Disc for PS3"

Tim S. (Famous Chicken Theatre)

My disc is coming tomorrow. Now to buy a PS3. I'm still holding out hope for a shipping error that would involve Netflix sending me a PS3 unit. Haha.


No HD streaming for the PS3?


i just got an email notification that my Disc will be here tomorrow :) I cant wait...

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