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DVD is dead. I'm a mom of 4. My kids usually spend their money on liquor instead. :-(


Redbox: "We're providing something the public wants at a fair price."

Hollywood: "Each and every business that touches upon our product is duty-bound to make us as much money as possible! How else am I going to get my fourth home and my fifth Rolls Royce?"


If I did not see it in the overpriced theatre when it came, what makes them think that I would not wait another 30 days?



"Fair" has nothing to do with it. Redbox is proving a service (or product, the difference is moot) at the Market Price. Hollywood just hasn't caught up with the new market price yet. I'm sure Redbox considered charging more and figured they'd lose business over it.
Enforced scarcity though isn't going to help the problem.


Let's see... $15 today to buy a movie or wait 30 days to rent it for $1... That is an usurious interest rate in the time value of money calculation.


How silly.

All that will do is change my personal viewing window by pushing it back a month. It will be like adjusting to a time zone difference for me. I simply won't rent any of those studios' films for a month and then I'll be right as rain.

This won't change my buying habits. If I want a film so bad that I'll buy it, I'll take the leap. Given the relatively small number of films that covers, it won't have any impact on my rental activity.

Hollywood's behavior here sure is reminiscent of the music industry's in the immediate wake of file sharing: clueless. At least there was questionable legality in file sharing. Redbox is conducting legitimate business.

What a bunch of tools.


Great campaign here! Stick it to those Redcox scumbags!

Redcox = FAIL


vio = WTF are you smoking?


I'm not a customer of Redbox and don't really care about there on-going concern but I am very interested in how Studios are conducting business and my general sense of fairness says "Studios are f*&king the quasi-little guy" so I'm going to cheer for Redbox kicking there collective ass.

News Flash: Universal, Warner & Fox will not be able to correlate the slumping DVD sales (which has been going on for years)with $1/DVD kiosk industry (er, I mean company.) Only problem for Redbox is to get the courts to act quickly so the dead format of DVD hasn't completely decomposed.


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