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The Taking of Pelham of G.I. Joe look like two fun rentals. Last few weeks have been a little quiet. Heard good things about Pelham. I know G.I. might stink but I have to see it since it was a part of my childhood. Man I'm rambling.


Robert Shaw was great in the original Pelham One Two Three, very calculated and always in control. I've read that in the remake Travolta is the short tempered kinda of pyscho. if that helps anyone decide which version to see...


It looks like the studio has decided to delay making Clone Wars:Season 1 available for rental, as it dropped from the top of my queue down to the "Saved DVDs" section. Sunday it had a release date of 11/03/09; today it say the release date is "unknown." Too bad. My son was looking forward to watching all of them back to back.


UPDATE: It looks like I spoke too soon. The Clone Wars DVDs became available again and jumped back into my queue...all the way at the bottom! I moved them back to the top, but now (of course) they are listed as "Long Wait," so instead of receiving them this week, we likely won't receive them until 1-3 months from now.

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