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I noticed the arrival date in the queue is listed as the 13th (2 days instead of the usual one day) though so looks like the same as if they ship Thursday. No biggie, Netflix is working but can only do so much then it's onto the USPS.


I can only imagine those white Netflix trucks (you see parked outside the local distribution centers) picking up mail from the local post office and then dropping off mail, hence no USPS home delivery until Friday.


Netflix may be working today but not the USPS. So, anything they prep today will be going out tomorrow. Saying they are 'shipping movies today' is false.

Rich B

This has happened in the past on lesser holidays, and even though its listed to arrive two days later, they still come the next day. Even though the Post Office is closed they are still sorting the mail for delivery.


What it really means is that the carriers, clerks and management/support staff are off. The mail handlers are still working, as are most contract (truck) drivers. The USPS is a 24/7/365 operation. Even on Christmas mail handlers, contract drivers and Express people are working.

NF still picks up the mail in their own trucks from the main sort facility and goes back to process it. They return at the end of day and drop it back off. It will be processed at night like always, and go out the next day. There may be a day delay to outlying areas but most city/suburbs will get delivery as normal - even though the PO was closed.

You are really only affected if you have movies to be delivered or picked up the DAY OF the holiday.


Yeah, mail still delivered yesterday. I dropped off my Netflix DVD in the office mail slot yesterday morning. This morning before I woke up I got the e-mail from Netflix stating that the DVD had arrived.


I received the DVD's today that were mailed out yesterday. They must of got them to the post office early enough.


I also received discs today that shipped yesterday. Curious that Netflix did cover it in the queue by adding an extra day and showing Friday as expected delivery.

Rich B

I also received the movies that weren't do till friday. While the Post Office carriers are off Holidays, most of the clerks still sort the mail the mail handlers load the trucks and get it ready for dispatch. Won't happen this way on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day, and 4th of July, they will be delayed as Netflix has those days off.


What an insult to our brave veterans. I guess our need movies is far more important then honoring those who have died for us.

Lulabelle Thompson

I've been looking for a feedback place on the "normal" netflix page and didn't find anything but automated stuff...I've been unhappy for some time that Netflix is taking twice as long as it used to (sometimes 3Xs as long) to send my movies to me. I feel ripped off. I know they want me to pay for 3 movies instead of two each time, but I still think the timing should be better. What changed? Why does it take so much longer to get movies than it used to? Bad Service maybe? Anyway, I'm not happy and I guess my only alternative is to try blockbuster and see how it goes with that. I suspect no one is going to respond to this "feedback".

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