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Doesn't work for me. The disc loads, and I was able to activate the player, but when I select a movie to play, I just get a "loading" for a few seconds and then I get a blank screen. Can't stop, pull up menus or do anything other than reset the PS3.

Try as I might, all I get is blank screen.


They'll send you a second disc if you want a back up. The disc isn't tied to the PS3 at all.

Anyone know if it's possible to rip a copy of the disc and put in on your PS3's hard drive? There's got to be a way to hack that and get rid of the disc altogether until they make it part of OS.


Well I had an interesting experience with streaming for the PS3.

First of all, no movies are Blu Ray ... but some are HD.

As soon as I received my streaming DVD from netflix, I went online and added about 25 movies to my instant streaming que. I popped my DVD into my PS3, then instantaneously all the movies I selected on my computer were on my screen to choose from. The first movie I watched was The Skeleton Key. Great movie, and the quality was great. Looked HD quality. I was quite happy with my first experience.

The next night I had a friend over and we decided to watch a movie through the streaming PS3. We tried Step Brothers, Mall Cop, The Pineapple Express, and even a couple others. ALL of them had AWFUL quality. I mean they looked 480p, if not 480i. The quality was so bad we didn't even want to watch any of them. So we ended up playing PS3 instead.

I noticed you can search the HD movies on the streaming Netflix selections. There's about 17 pages I believe, most of which are seasons to TV shows or documentaries. There's a very slim selection for movies, and most of which are old. Some of the newer movies I added to my que in HD include Waterworld, Romeo Must Die, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, and Jarhead. I think that gives a good example of some of the better movies to choose from.

In the end, I'm VERY disappointed. However ... what I did find interesting was that the Skeleton Key streamed at awesome quality. BUT, it's not one of the movies in the HD streaming category, even though it looked like HD quality when my wife and I watched it. I even went back to show my friend how good the quality was and he would agree that it looked good. So I wonder if there's some other movies that look like they're HD that aren't in the HD streaming category. If you simply search through all the streaming movies, there's a much better selection than the HD ones. However, like I mentioned above, numerous of the even new movies were awful in quality.

I hope Netflix starts adding more movies to the HD streaming list. Otherwise I'm not sure if it's worth it. I might cancel my subscription. I have the 1 DVD out at a time (also a fairly bad experience). I haven't had any movies that were scratched or anything, but I just think the service is slow. At 1 DVD out at a time, I can probably only watch 5 or 6 movies in a month. Let's say I choose the movie Monday, they'll ship it Tuesday, I'll get it Wednesday, I'll watch it Wednesday night, I'll put it in my mailbox Thursday morning, Netflix will receive it Friday, and possibly they'll mail out my next one Saturday. Regardless, prolly won't get it until Monday. That's about 1 movie a week even though I watch it the night I get it and mail it the very next morning. (My mailman picks it up around 1:00 in the afternoon.)

Well, that's my little review for Netflix. All in all, I'm probably going to cancel my subscription ... at least until they expand their online streaming HD movie selection. Granted when they do, they'll probably charge more for the service.

I give Netflix 3 out of 10 stars. If you care to hear.


I got the DVD a few weeks back and i have to say that i am disappointed. my ps3 stops streaming every 30 min to rebuffer. i get a much better from my netbook. i guess we will have to wait until NETFLIX exclusive contract expired before we will get good quality.


Has anyone confirmed if wired vs wireless makes a difference on quality?

Also, I've an older HDTV (early adopter) with only component connections.. Any ideas if HD streaming requires HDMI?


I left the netflix disc in my ps3 and after shutting it down, turned off the poewr button on the back of the PS3. When I turn it on, it won't show my dic in the xmb menu even if it is reading the disc fine. Many had this problem when it is powered off accidentally. Online sources(http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080604164618AApZOup) who had this problem mention to reformat or have to send it to sony. I am out of warranty. this sux.


Trouble with streaming disc installation on PS3: Have tried with numerous (three so far) different discs supplied by Netflix for streaming program load. Each time I receive message to take disc out and try again. Connections and signal are fine. Have tried each disc numerous times with same result...no code obtained yet. Any suggestions?


just wondering i have my ps3 hooked up thru may HK avr witch up scales everything to 1080p will any hd movie i stream also be upscaled i have to turn off all upscaling in the ps3 not to confuse the avr.


Hopefully they'll fix playing widescreen content in 1080p sometime soon...I'm not going to be using this much if I have to reduce my display settings every time I want to watch something.


I am aware this is an old post but wanted to add my .2
Recently, I got on the netflix band wagon. Wally-World had a Toshiba, blue-ray player that was netflix ready for $100. We had been watching previously through the computer attached to our TV. Quality was PERFECT! Not a single glitch! Crystal clear. The only problem was I had to spend another $100 to get it online. Using a blue ray player requires a router. You have to check speed ratings on every one of them. The higher the rating, the better the picture. We got the fastest one. By eliminating our $70 cable bill, this will pay for itself in a couple months.
I own 3 PS2's with the network adapter. I wish some programer would write the "elf" file. As most of you probably DONT KNOW, The "FAT PS2" is the GREATEST system ever built! With a 1000 GIG hard drive in this bad boy, there is nothing she cant do! I have a couple hundred of my games installed along with my complete DVD collection shrunk down to AVI. There are literally 1000's of apps(elf files) online for PS2. I am sure someone has a virtual ram file made somewhere. You would never be able to get HD I dont imagine unless someone builds an add on assesory. I would just be happy to have netflix in every room through my PS2, instead of having to buy 3 more players. If anyone has a netflix elf file for PS2, I would pay for it!

ps3 yellow light of death

they are trying to squeeze every penny out of our pockets

ps3 ylod fix

Very intresting , gonna check it out


how do u watch with friends

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