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I don't understand this question. How about, don't let your kid use the computer/TV at 2 in the morning?

Bob Loblaw

How about you parent your kids, Alma, instead of asking Netflix to do it for you?


Well I am all for Instant access on other user created profiles. Since streaming works on 6 devices, why not 6 user created profiles?

As for your kids....If they can't be trusted you failed to teach them. I suggest pulling the plug after 8pm.

This bothers me like some of the stuff I see on my 14 year old nieces friends MySpace profiles. Some of the stuff posted is just.....Parents are looking the other way and that's not good. They are relying on like MySpace to help with parental settings, but it ain't working people! I saw an 11 year old girl have a profile on MySpace and the stuff on her profile is nasty! She is my nieces friends sister.

It just boggles my mind how parents give kids tech gadgets and then let em do whatever they want.


Use your router to schedule blackout for certain machines.

I recently started doing it cause my oldest was staying on the computer too late.


Jedipunk beat me to my answer. I schedule my kids Internet access Nintendo DSs, Xbox, Wii and Ipods by MAC address. Make sure you lock the routers admin control panel.


Custom folder Grouping of Queue.
Add TV Show adds all seasons to queue.
Volume boots in web player in many titles volume is very low.
Make Streaming of TV shows a priority. My mom would love to watch "The Facts of life"
Add button to add to streaming queue when available.

Final Taxi

I would love to see a playlist set up.

That way if you have a party and are playing netflix in background you can go to next movie without searching the 400 tiles you have for the next movie.


Sara (and bob),

re: "I don't understand this question. How about, don't let your kid use the computer/TV at 2 in the morning?"

Ah yes. Kids never do anything a parent doesn't let them do, right? Mrs. Reagan might have thought "just say no" would do it, but even her husband went with "trust, but verify."


How about subtitle for the hearing impaired


The suggestion you mention about not seeing R rated movies in a separate profile is a good start, but it doesn't cover NR and UR, which many children's, educational, and downright not-kid-friendly titles share. I would like to see us be able to block out or allow Netflix categories. A two-step logic would be good (IF a movie is UR, AND it is in the category "Children and Family", THEN it's OK to watch). Netflix has already done the heavy lifting here by creating and maintaining the categories. It seems like it would be easy to then push those categories out into the various streaming apps for additional parental control. This is especially an issue on the XBOX Netflix app, which sees much more than just my instant queue now.


If you go to "Your Account," under the heading "Instant Watching Activity" is a link to "see all instant watching activity." Click that and you'll see a list of the titles that were watched and the dates and duration of the viewing. If you notice that your kids are tired in the morning go in there real quick and see if anything was watched today. If something was watched today and it's only morning then you can assume that they're up late watching it.

You could also check the history of their web browser. It will switch over to a new day at midnight and if you sort it by date it should order the pages by the time they were opened.

There are more advanced ways to track this, too. You could install a logging program to track such activities outside of the browser. That would probably give you easy access to detailed usage logs. Depending on your router you may have activity logs there you could check.

However, I think using technology to confirm this is kind of lazy. If you suspect that your kids are doing that then why not stay up a few nights and confirm it? Being trapped by logs and confronted later is not going to be as effective as catching them in the act. Beyond that, I hope you've had a good talk with your kids already to tell them your concerns and warn them of the problems staying up late may cause. I would warn them that you'll be checking to see if they are staying up to watch these and see if that gets a reaction.


By adding closed captioning.


Allow closed captioning on instant watch.

I am nuking netflix at the end of the year -- since there is no support for this (much needed for us deaf/hard-of-hearing) folks, and it doesn't appear they are too interested in us as an audience. They continue to dis-enfranchise.

Will I replace this with something else? Unlikely.



5.1 surround.


The ability to sort/filter your Instant Queue. Some nights I'd like to see only what Sci-Fi I've added, other nights I'd like to see what I've added for Comedy.


Let me alphabetically order my watch instantly queue! It takes forever to find a movie or show on the roku!


@ T-Duck. You are the smartest person in the world.


apparently my last post was lost in cyberspace. We can access the internet through our WII console but cannot stream movies through netflix. Is there any idea when this will become available?


Very small, but I would like to fast forward at 1.5 speed as with regular DVDs and Blurays on the PS3. Currently, if you try it you are brought to a scene selection screen. This may just be me, but I enjoy watch films this way.


Let me alphabetically order my watch instantly queue! It takes forever to find a movie or show on the roku!

MCD, there is a greasemonkey script for Firefox that allows you to do this. You can reverse the queue, shuffle it, sort by rating, sort by genre, sort by availability etc. Go here to get it.



How about identifying aspect ratios. It's always disappointing to find out that the movie you've decided on is in 4:3.


How about allowing instant watching on sub accounts? You gave us the option to set up separate lists and DVD queues, but even my wife has to sign in under my account to even see what is available as a streaming movie. This is ridiculous!!!!!
This screws up suggestions as all of the family's instant viewing choices are under the main account and prevents blocking the kids from content we don't want them to have access to as they have to be in my account to see anything on instant view. They also have full access to anything in our history which is unacceptable.


Adding support for more connected Blu-Ray devices, such as the Panasonic DMP-BD60 / BD80 models. Those already do streaming from other sources that Roku and comptetitor's devices allow.


So here is a security engineer's 1 and a half cents:

Allow multiple profile provisioning of "Watch Instantly". The parental controls are there already for 90% of stuff (based on ratings). For the Unrated stuff, build in a whitelist ability. Then allow account owners to set time restrictions for profiles.

I just talked with the Netflix help desk because I thought maybe I was doing something wrong in trying to setup my wife with her own profile to watch the on-demand content. The reasoning for not providing it was because of parental control issues. I find this to be weak reasoning at best. So instead of allowing your 6 year old access to only G rated content, you have to allow them to see the entire Netflix catalog to allow them to stream Peter Pan? Not to mention now you have to trust your teenager to not abuse the full access you just granted him with your password so he can watch content off of his XBOX? I think that the decision to not allow profiles access to "Watch Instantly" is short-sighted and actually counter-productive to the stated goal of protecting kids.


I'm sad to see streaming on profile sub-accounts doesn't work. :(


you shouldn't block out what your kids are watching. it is part of the experience of growing up. most of the adult movies out there may teach your kids something or allow them to explore on their own which is necessary for every child to develop properly. If you don't like it i would suggest turning your head and letting your kid decide what is best for them once in a while.


So, you're saying it's ok to allow your children to view anything? How about letting your teenager go to a strip club? Would you change the channel if your 4 year old walked into the room while you were watching a slasher/gore flick, or would you make a space for little Suzy to join you on the couch... then stay up all night with her because she's having nightmares about the big guy with the chainsaw? "letting your kid decide what is best for them.." Obviously, you are not a parent, or child services is on the way to pick up your kids. Tard.


I agree with SD. That's just pure lunacy, Sam. My wife and I have a pretty open dialogue about what's appropriate and what's not appropriate with our children but that doesn't stop them from trying do things they aren't supposed to. I don't understand why Netflix can't allow Watch Instantly movies in sub-profiles. I'll repeat what others have said, it's frustrating to not to be able to setup a profile for my kids and then limit them to PG or PG-13 movies. It's not that hard Netflix! Just do it!


Just to expand on Scott's comment above - the only explanation I have for the responsible sounding "why don't you parent your kids instead of asking netflix to do it for you" comments are that the commentators:

(1) don't have kids and are inexperienced with monitoring them,
(2) have 1 kid over which they helicopter 24 hours a day/7 days a week,
(3) have full time nannies that hover over their children,
(4) have perfect kids,
(5) live in a one room studio apartment,
(6) are naive or don't care what their kids are watching since everyone knows what you watch doesn't hurt you,
(7) are not concerned about, or are directly opposed to, helping those who do care about shaping their kids values [PUHLEAZZZ, let the kids figure out their own lives for themselves!),
(8) are kids themselves confusing the adults into not doing anything (see The Hobbit; Bilbo's first burglary attempt and how Gandalf tricks the trolls into quarreling amongst themselves so they linger long enough to be killed by the first rays of dawn).

It is a great tack, though. It makes parents feel incompetent and at the same time is an implied call for them to throw in the towel.

The fact is, is that the person IS parenting the kid by wanting to use simple tools to set limits. In my case I have 4 girls ages 6-13. We insist on the computers being in the center of the house. I work 8-6; my wife works also but is fortunate to be able to do so from home. We don't have cable (OMG!!) and don't let the kids watch broadcast TV (because there is little control over the content, and even the good stuff has awful commercials - just finished watching a female vibrator commercial interspersed with a family friendly show). When the kids are home my wife and I are constantly interacting with our kids. But there is no way on earth you can monitor each kid 24 hours a day - you can have a kid in the same room with you and still not know what they are watching or doing on the internet. You can't post 24 hour guard in their bedroom to make sure they are sleeping at night without going totally insane (believe me we've tried).

Netflix gives the promise of providing family friendly movies at a reasonable price. It's not too much to ask for decent parental controls with time limits, rating and stream and genre filtering (sorry, but I really DON'T want my 8 year old viewing a movie about about gay travel which is the current G rated movie in the Gay/Lesbian category - this is just as much an offense to me as some may feel my comment is to them).

I'm willing to bet that the same people who insist we shouldn't use parental controls, and instead to use what they vaguely refer to as "good parenting skills", are the same people who rail against any attempt to put limits on our sex-obsessed advertising, television, and magazines while simultaneously insisting that kids can't be taught abstinence!. As if none of the garbage our kids are exposed to from all sides has no influence on their hormones, value formation, or teen pregnancy.

Sorry for the rant (I just had a rather large cup of coffee and it is now 1:15 am). But the slam against a simple request for some sanity controls is a pet peeve of mine. Now back to your regularly scheduled program....


I would like to be able to control the list that appears on my DVD player. That way when my kids search they cannot switch into all the movie garbage out there --I want to screen what they are watching.


How do I enable Netflix streaming for Panasonic DMP-BD60 blu ray player?


Netflix MUST allow parental control of streaming video. As someone has pointed out, movies are cataloged and rated. Netflix has programmed the logic for limiting access via parental controls & profiles within the DVD queue. The framework is there now apply it to the streaming...PLEASE.


I'll add yet another vote for Parental Controls on Watch Instantly. We now have a pair of iPod Touches to go with the Wii and the Macs, providing yet another place to stream. I really don't like having full access to all content for the kids, even with the ability to see what they've watched in the Activity list. Plus there stuff I like to keep in the Instant Queue to watch later that isn't necessarily appropriate for a 10 year old.
We've set the rules and the kids know them, but there's no reason to NOT apply some additional technology if we can.


I just got off the phone with NetFlix customer support. The guy stated that parental controls for Watch Instantly is in development and will be released "soon". He didn't have an exact date, but assured me that it's on its way to becoming reality.


@John: I hope you got a real answer and not just a generic 'thank you for your suggestion' answer from NF. I have called them several times within the past year and received the same answer... verbatim. :(

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