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Join club RR? Is there anyone more annoying? Ah, maybe Kelly Ripa.


I likely won't be using a Rachel Raycipe in my kitchen any time soon, but I am a staunch proponent of free stuff. For a chance at a free (second) Roku and a 3 at-a-time plan, I'm willing to admit that I am now a member of Club RR.


I refused to sign up to enter a different contest they had a week ago.

Unfortunately, I couldn't resist this time. Luckily (unless this is in the fine print) by signing up, you're not ticking a box that says Rachael Ray can visit you and talk in your ear for 48 hours.

Though as I write that, I'm betting many of you would like Rachael Ray to come over. For reasons other than cooking... ahem.


Over my dead body. Already have a Roku, not worth signing up for Club RayRay even to give as gift.


I love Netflix/Roku but would never validate Rachael Ray by joining her stupid club.

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