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Give me a break. I have been using Redbox for over a year now, and in their FAQ and other TOS it clearly states "At redbox, there is no such thing as a late fee. Each night you will be charged the additional night fee plus tax."

There is no late fee, you just re-rent it. ID10TS!


I think they could be more clear about it. I mean a late fee by any other name is still a late fee, but I honestly think they are pretty upfront about the process.


Yeah you keep it an extra night boom it's an extra $1 plus tax. You really can't get anymore clearer then that.

David Ron

And, about the $25 cost of a DVD. Standard home-use DVDs are licensed specifically for home use. Rental DVDs are different disks with different licenses that are much more expensive.



They don't have "different licenses". One only needs a license for "performance". Showing movies at home is usually not a "performance," therefore, one does not need a different license nor does a different license attach to rental DVDs. When a DVD says it's for "home use" only, it means that there is no license for public performance.

See also, First Sale doctrine. In short, one may sell or rent out the physical embodiment of copyrighted subject matter that one owns (a dvd, for example) without incurring copyright liability. That means that I could go to WalMart, buy a DVD and rent it out without the need for a specially-licensed rental disk.

Sock Puppet

ROFL! I see the sue happy miscreants are out again.

I like this part :)

Additionally, Redbox’s $25 charge for DVDs that are never returned is illegal because the price exceeds the typical cost of a new DVD, claimants say.

A retailer can charge any price (or markup) they want to, you as the consumer can "choose" to buy from them or not.

So if you don't want to get hit with a $25 charge for a used/new DVD, then don't forget to return it!

Mr Nethead

Meh. I stopped using Redbox after they billed me $25 for a movie I had returned the next night. :|


Those of you defending Redcox here, be honest, if this was Blockbuster you would be cheering them on. "Off with their heads! Blockbuster charges illegal late fees! I won't be happy until Blockbuster goes down in flames!" Whether you guys want to admit or not, Redcox is just as sleazy a company as Blockbuster, if not more so.

$25 for an old, beat up rental disc without even so much as the original case is an outrage!


If they didn't charge 25 bucks people would use it it as a cheap way to get movies to resell on ebay. That would ruin the system as all the good movies would be taken. It also pays for someone having to reload the box with another copy of the movie.

As far as what they pay versus what we pay and licensing, that is not clear. It used to be that rental chains paid 99 dollars but also had an exclusive time frame to recoup that.

Lastly, the reason Blockbuster got such vitriol is that they hid their late fees. Red box truely doesn't have late fees, it's simply a 24 hour rental. I do wish they went to midnight instead though. So if I rent a movie at 9:30 is it due at 9 the next night or the night after. They never make that clear.


Lastly, the reason Blockbuster got such vitriol is that they hid their late fees. Red box truely doesn't have late fees, it's simply a 24 hour rental

Wrong, wrong, wrong! Believe it or not, but Blockbuster used to do the EXACT same thing Redbox is doing here. After the due date was up, they would simply RENT the movie to you a second time. Sure, they still called it an "extended viewing fee", but believe me, they just rented the movie to you a second time. If it was a 2-day rental, you could keep it for another 2 days before being charged again. Same if it was a 5-day rental. Redbox is pulling the same tricks as Blockbuster did, but simply because they are NOT Blockbuster, they're getting a free pass.

And Blockbuster NEVER EVER hid late fees. They were very upfront about it and EVEN printed the day AND time the movie was due back on the receipt every customer walked out the door with.

Worst part of all though? Redbox conveniently has your credit/debit card on file, which they will charge up the second you fail to return the DVD promptly before 9. With Blockbuster, they would usually just debit the balance to your account and you would never have to actually pay it if you didn't want to.


Who cares? All Redbox ever has is the lame, big blockbusters and crappy, recent flicks. Try getting a classic from Redbox... It's not very likely.


I can't believe how much vitriol Redbox is receiving here. They provide a service where you can rent DVDs for $1 a night -- an extremely low price for a non-subscription service -- and many posters are practically shouting for heads to roll.

Their business model is simple: Rent DVDs for $1 per night. If you don't return it by 9pm the next day, you pay another night's rental. Late fees or no late fees -- that's just semantics.

If you rent a car, you choose how many days you want to rent it for and pay that much times the daily rate. If you don't return it on time, you are going to expect to pay more.

Geez, it's a buck people! Not many other companies give you a deal like that -- even Blockbuster! Sure BB has back catalog titles for a buck now, but these are titles they might normally rent once or twice a year. Any more activity than that and they up the charge to $2. And forget about New Releases -- you will be paying much more for those.

For those of you whining about limited selection -- Redbox is designed around New Releases. The kiosk concept is not made to hold 10,000 titles! It's not practical for that. If you want back catalog, Redbox is not for you. Go to BB or the library, or better yet, join Netflix!

Redbox is not perfect. They have some issues that need to be worked out, such as machines occassionally failing to register returns properly and lines at busy times. However, they are trying to address these. In many of the busier locations, they are installing additional kiosks and return slots. They also send you an email to confirm returns. If you don't get the email, contact them and let them know you have returned the DVD.

Btw, I have never used Redbox, though I've considered it once or twice. So far, Netflix covers my needs. It's just hard to understand why so many people are shouting for blood over a company that is providing a good value to consumers -- especially with so many companies constantly doing the opposite.

Also, keep in mind that the only ones who truly benefit from class-action lawsuits are the lawyers.


> I can't believe how much vitriol Redbox is receiving here... many posters are practically shouting for heads to roll.

What? There are two posters saying "Redbox, meh" and one arguing in a couple of posts that Blockbuster used to do the same thing. Where, exactly, is the frenzied call of the masses for the bloody overthrow of the Redbox oppressor?

> It's just hard to understand why so many people are shouting for blood

What thread are you reading?


what is redbox?


isn't $25 a lost fee?

Redbox is known for buying their DVDs from Wal-mart


Hard to believe a judge approved a class-action for this.


They approved the one against Blockbuster, so it's only fair they do the same to Redbox.

Redbox = The New Blockbuster!


I love Redbox (and its smaller competitor, DVDPlay). I have Netflix, but often there is a wait on New Releases, and sometimes I
don't have a Netflix movie waiting for me at home. Redbox is the perfect compliment to Netflix. You can't beat $1 for a new release. I can't believe there are idiots who can't grasp the concept of paying $1 for each day you keep the movie and who don't bother to read the rules before renting. Throw out this stupid lawsuit! Don't force Redbox to go out of business due to the financial burden of a legal fight with some illiterate morons!


It is $1 per day. There is no late fee. If it was $1 per day but after 2 days they charged $3 or even after 1 night they charged more. Not the case.

I guess a car rental has late fees then. They charged me $150 for 5 days. They told me it was only $30 a day! Sure I dropped in off 5 days later but still.....I am going to sue.

Edward R Murrow

It's all selective memory when it comes to Blockbuster's late fees versus Redbox late fees/extra day rental fees.

Everyone except vio just tested positive for an overdose of Netflix Kool-Aid.

miss information

@byteme - Do you work for Redbox? Quite a marketing campaign posting!
@Rob - Agree 100% - Redbox is perfect complement for Netflix.
Frivolous lawsuits only pay lawyers. What a waste.


Actually Vio you are wrong. I should know because I'm one of those involved in the old Blockbuster lawsuit. The suit started BEFORE the new policy of just making a new rental. The late fees were in excess of normal rental fees and were changed without notice. They claim that store employees were told to inform customers but nothing was ever submitted formally or posted.

You are thinking of the second lawsuit (yes, they had two). I'm less familiar with it but I seem to recall it was for changing the policy yet again without notifying customers. They settled that one with free coupons if I recall correctly.

Anyway, you have a beef with Redbox so obviously you forgot to return a movie and had to pay the piper. Usually when someone hates a company it's partly their own fault. I shouldn't have returned movies late to BB either.


No, actually, I am not wrong because I wasn't referring to their original policy(if it was infact their original policy...i'm not sure). That policy dates back so many years ago it's pretty much null and void now. Anyone who's still holding a grudge against Blockbuster for some late fees dating back to the mid 1990s has some serious issues.

My beef with Redbox is they're a very sleazy company and are getting a free pass for the very same things Blockbuster so frequently gets criticized for. Besides the late fees, the other major complaint you always hear from the anti-Blockbuster folk is that they specialize in junk "hot new release" movies. "All they stock is 300 copies of the latest Tom Cruise crap fest." You know the arguments. But the exact thing applies to Redbox, but even more so. Redbox doesn't stock anything more than a month old and they can't even stock enough of the Tom Cruise flicks in those silly kiosks to even come close to meeting demand. So 9 out of 10 times you go home empty handed or with some awful direct-to-DVD horror flick from Sony or Lionsgate. But now of course the very same people who hate Blockbuster are saying "Oh Redbox is great if you want to pick up a new release real quick." Well, doesn't the same argument apply to Blockbuster?

All I'm saying is there's a major double standard going on here.


@miss information - no I don't work for Redbox. If you go back and read my posting, I stated that I haven't even tried them once and that I only use Netflix. I thought about trying it, but was worried about complaints from users whose rentals were not properly registered as returned when they put them back in the slot. I'm also not thrilled about the idea of possibly waiting in line just to return a disc.

I do see Redbox as a good value and it definitely provides a somewhat different service from the other rental companies. Yes, they only carry New Releases, but that is the niche they are trying to service. It's not for everyone, but it covers some people needs even better than BB or Netflix. For others, it is not a good match and they should continue to use other services.

I do think it says something that someone like myself who doesn't even use the service can clearly understand how it is meant to work. The concept of "$1 rental cost for each day" is not that difficult. It is simply a rental with a daily rate and an open ended rental period that the renter decides upon when they return the disc.

Honestly I may never use Redbox and don't care if anyone else does either. I do appreciate that Redbox and other kiosk rental companies are providing much needed additional competition that will keep the existing players more fair. This is especially important now that BB is on shaky ground and hints are being made that a sale of Netflix to larger media company is a possibility.


My favorite part of this whole thread is how not one person has mentioned the option of your small, independent, locally owned video store... What do you do for a living, and how would you feel if some "sleazy company" came in and started undercutting your prices, making it a miracle of the devotion of the few to local business that you even still have a job?
Just some food for thought...


I agree with the lawsuit. Within the past week I have been charged $102.80 for four movies I returned and Redbox is saying they never received the movies. When I called Redbox said that they never received the movies. After agruing with them for over an hour they finally credited me half the amount back and i'm not satisfied with that. I returned the movies as agreed and shouldn't be charge for something I didn't keep.

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