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Now if they can only do the same thing for books and the Kindle.


Um. I guess I would watch the online movie and then return the DVD? I don't re-watch movies very much, so I would be annoyed if I received the DVD a few days after having watched the movie online! But I guess that's why I have netflix rather than a DVD collection...


Are you allowed to watch the On Demand version on your computer and send the disc as a gift to someone else?


There is no way Amazon would know really if you bought it through your account. It would be no different than not opening the dvd plastic and selling it on ebay.

Jacob Harvey

I've always enjoyed having a physical copy of a movie, the digital version makes things more convenient (especially with something like a Roku that has Amazon streaming built in) but a physical disc gives me peace of mind.

Nice to know everyone is just trying to figure out how to game the system and get free movies...

Sara, why not just buy the VOD version and watch it? No need to return the disc and waste resources.


@ Jacob: Well, I guess my point is that I wouldn't use this at all...I use Netflix exactly BECAUSE I don't care about having a physical copy of movies that I can keep indefinitely, and so I would not bother using Amazon's new feature.


It's just Watchmen. Not 'The Watchmen'.

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